What if MMOs were board games?

January 7, 2017 - 7:00pm
The folks over at MMOBro apparently play a lot of board games as well as video games, because they decided to put together a list of board games that give a similar feel to popular MMO games.  Some notable examples being if you like Farmville, you might like Cottage Garden for the simplified farming and aiming to maximize your points.  Another popular pairing they make is EVE Online to Twilight Imperium 3, because both are space games that take place on a galactic scale with massive battles, researching of alien tech, and so much more.  They even make the obvious pairing of League of Legends to Mechs vs. Minions, mainly due to the same game company doing both games, but also because they do have a similar feel when playing.  So if you are looking to bring in your MMO playing friends or are an MMO player looking to try some new games, head on over to MMOBro to check out their pairings.