Medici gets the dice treatment

November 21, 2019 - 8:44pm

Grail Games and acclaimed designer Reiner Knizia have teamed up once again for another game in the Medici line.  After a successful reprint of the auction game Medici, followed by Medici: The Card Game, Grail Games has just launched a Kickstarter campaign for Medici: The Dice Game.

Medici: The Dice Game utilizes five custom dice with faces representing goods of different values.  Each player’s sheet represents the cargo hold of a ship.   The person who rolls the dice will get to select up to three of them for their ship, while the other players will select one of the remaining dice.  Players will score their ships based on the value of goods and majority of commodities, similar to the original game.  The game is for two to four players and features illustrations from Vincent Dutrait, who also provided the art for the previous games.

The Kickstarter campaign includes pledge levels for just the new dice game, as well as, a bundle of all three Medici games.  You can learn more about the game and see the campaign by clicking here.