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Z-Man releases new mini expansions

Looking to add a little spice to some of your games? Z-Man Games may have you covered with new mini expansions for several of their games.

The tile-laying puzzle game, NMBR 9, now has two small items you can add to the game. The Starting Tiles Mini Expansion provides each player with a unique starting tile shape which is played before the first number tile. The E xtra Tiles Mini Expansion gives each player a pair of generic tiles which can be used to fill in space allowing for more...

Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-Earth gets an Adventure Mode

For those familiar with Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-Earth from Fantasy Flight Games , there was threat ever looming and many times the cost of exploration was too great. Now, players have the opportunity to play Adventure Mode to discover what they could not before!

When selecting a difficulty in the companion app for Journeys in Middle-Earth, players can now select Adventure Mode instead of Normal or Hard. This mode lowers the difficulty of the campaign to allow for more exploration and questing without the increasing threat level getting in the way....

The Graphic Novel Adventures expand with an Irregular adventure with Sherlock Holmes

The Graphic Novel Adventures returns with a new Kickstarter for Sherlock Holmes: Baker Street Irregulars and Sherlock Holmes: The Beginning.

In Sherlock Holmes: Baker Street Irregulars, 1-4 players will each play as a unique member of this group of street urchins across a series of 4 cases .

Each player will have their own book and see unique options suited to their skills. Also included are a cardstock map, a mission briefing book, and a solutions book.

Characters include: Wiggins who has begun to learn the art of deduction from Holmes, Myrtle is...

They Are Coming to Get You! Night of the Living Dead Hits Kickstarter

Night of the Living Dead , based on the cult classic horror film, is now funding on Kickstarter. The game, which is billed as a "Zombicide" game, is being published by CMON. The design team includes Raphaël Guiton, Jean-Baptiste Lullien, and Nicolas Raoult .

The game is for 1-6 players, ages 14 and up, and takes about an hour to play. In the game, which is fully cooperative, the players take on the roles of survivors who are simply trying to make it through the night. The game features two modes for the...

Front Porch Classics launches a line of Guinness Pub Games for the Holidays

Front Porch Classics, a brand under University Games that produces higher end games for play anywhere, have announced a line of games featuring the popular Guinness beer company. The four games that will be released are World's 20 Best Dice Games, Liar's Dice , Shut the Box , and Epic Coaster Game.

World's 20 Best Dice Games is a compilation of different dice games like Farkl, Letter Rip, Bowling Dice, and more all in one package. Included are the score pads needed, some pencils, and 20 solid wood dice to play any of 20 games...

Asmodee USA and Funforge Announce Distribution Deal

Funforge, a Paris-based board game publisher known for several popular titles like Tokaido , and Asmodee USA Distribution, a member of the Asmodee Group, a board game publishing/distribution conglomerate known for a whole lot of stuff, have announced a new distribution deal where Asmodee USA will distribute Funforge's English language titles to retailers in the USA. The distribution deal includes the aforementioned Tokaido and its expansions, as well as the upcoming spiritual sequel, Namiji and other future releases.

“Funforge’s library exemplifies Asmodee’s mission to offer great games...

Second edition of team social deduction game Forsaken Forest and expansion on KS

The Forsaken Forest is a team based social deduction game by designer Alec Nezin , successfully funded on Kickstarter within 24 hours, back in May 2018. In Forsaken Forest, 4-12 players divide themselves into a larger group of Villagers and a smaller group of Forsaken. The Forsaken know which players are which, but the Villagers are left in the dark. Players start at the center of the forest board, with 8 possible destinations distributed around the board periphery by the Forsaken. The Villagers win if they find the Village destination...

Hobby World announces new team Spyfall game, Spycon

"Welcome one and all! Spycon, the largest super spy convention in the world, is in full swing! You are here to get a precious piece of secret information, but there is a complication: everyone is wearing a costume, and you don’t know who your source is. "

Hobby World has announced a follow-up to their 2014 smash hit Spyfall . Spycon by designer Alexandr Ushan is a team vs. team social deduction game, where each team assigns one player to be a...

Future World Creator brings us Dungeon & Town

For those that follow the videos of the Dice Tower, you may remember a review that Mark did for Future World - a way to bling out your space-themed board games by adding tiles and chatacters without needing to spend tons of money on minis.

Well, Gamestart Edizioni have upped their production with their latest Kickstarter to produce 3d pieces for your fantasy-themed setting (a Fantasy World product). Whether you're wanting to work on protyping your latest dunngeon crawler board game or use them to replace maps of your existing dungeon crawlers, Dungeon...

Empires of the North getting Roman expansion

Portal Games has announced that they are publishing a second expansion for Empires of the North . Roman Banners is scheduled to arrive in Q1 2020. Roman Banners will introduce two new decks with a Roman theme: the Trajana Clan and the Flavian Clan. The expansion also includes new island cards.

Empires of the North was designed by Joanna Kijanka and Ignacy Trzewiczek, with art by Roman Kucharski. The first expansion, Japanese Islands , featured the exact same combination. For Roman banners, Joanna Kijanka is flying solo as the designer and Roman Kucharski (thematically) returns...


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