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Continental Express

As an employee of the “Continental Express” railroad company, you are in charge of the constant ballet of train cars at your station. You must complete each train in time for it to depart. But, the other “switchmen” want the same train cars as you…and in this yard there are no holds barred! As a railyard manager, players must “switch” the right train cars to the station in order to form their train. The cars will be worth victory points, depending on their number and rarity...

Warband Announced by Dyskami

Dyskami , a Canadian publisher that brought Upon a Fable to many tables last year, has just announced they will publish a new strategy board game by Game Artisans of Canada designer Micah Fuller. Game Artisans of Canada is a group where Canadian game designers can collaborate and play test to improve board game designs. Some of their past games include Belfort, Expedition: Northwest Passage, Haggis, and Wasabi! Warband will be a game for two to five players with a play time around 60 minutes. In Warband, players control different fantasy races that have rallied against...

The Witcher Adventure Game

Fantasy Flight Games has partnered with CD Projekt RED to bring an adventure game based on the Witcher universe created by author Andrzej Sapkowski. Game designer for The Witcher is Ignacy Trzewiczek. Other titles designed by Trzewiczek are Robinson Crusoe: Adventure on the Curse Island, Stronghold, and 51st State. Image from BGG.

In The Witcher Adventure Game, players assume the roles of one of four characters known from the books and video games. Each of these characters have specific skills and abilities that help players achieve their goals in different ways...

Patchistory coming to U.S.

Deinko Games and StuntKite Publishing have partnered to bring Patchistory to North America. Image from www.deinko.com

This civilization building game received a lot of buzz at Speil 2013. It is for two to four players with a play time 120 minutes. Patchistory plays over 15 rounds, broken into three eras and each round consists of phases taken in turn order. Players bid on land cards with money. After winning a card, the player patches that land card. Each land card is divided into colored sections and the card is placed...

Destination: Neptune Announced

Griggling Games has announced a new "euro-ish" game of space exploration. Players manage resources, conduct research in technology, and, through careful planning, maneuver through four rounds of space exploration. Destination: Neptune is for two to four players and is currently in production with the goal of a summer 2014 release.

Vikings Reprint

Step aside 9th century pricing and Norse raiding... Vikings, designed by Michael Kiesling, orginally published by Hans im Glück game, has been picked up for a reprint by Z-Man games. This spring you can lead your Vikings to discover islands and claim your fortune. In Vikings, two to four players do not pillage each other but bid against them to buy tiles and Viking meeples. The main game board has a spinning roundel used for the offering each round. At the start of the round, an offering of 12 sets are placed around the roundel. A set...

Lewis and Clark

Publisher Ludonaute will have a second printing of Lewis & Clark available in March 2014 to America, Asia, and Europe.

Star Trek Attack Wing Wave 3 Preview

Introducing the I.R.W Gal Gath'thong. This Romulan Bird of Prey joins the I.K.S. Somraw Raptor Class ship, U.S.S. Equinox Nova Class ship, and 4th Division Jem'Hadar Battleship. Wave 3 is currently set to release in February 2014.

International TableTop Day

The magnificent international day of gaming returns, Saturday, April 5, 2014. Mark your calendars and set up your own event, large or small! More info... http://www.tabletopday.com/

Limes, a Roman province building game

Limes, designed by Martyn F, will be presented by Abacus Spiele in Nürnberg. Limes is a re-implementation of Martyn's 2008 Cities, a tile placement game where players work to build the most attractive cities in the world. Differences between the two games include scoring and tile layouts. Limes is a game for one or two players and comes with two sets of 24 cards and 14 wooden figures. To start the game, a player shuffles their deck and randomly places the top card face up on the table, creating their own play area. Future...


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