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Coming Soon - For the Crown: The World is Round

The world is growing. New frontiers are being explored, and powerful discoveries being made. One can sense the excitement in the air; it is a time of new ideas and expanding horizons. Visionaries chart courses that recently would have been unthinkable. Even common folk are pulling up their stakes and setting out as brave explorers, hoping for a chance at fame and riches. But bravery is not enough today; traditional methods no longer suffice for victory. The royal contenders are becoming more scholarly, hiring magisters where once they sought bureaucrats. Rumors hint at bandits being hired to...

Coming June - Madame Ching

It is the year 1808, and the Sea of China is ripe with plunder. Command a pirate junk as you sink the Emperor’s ships, loot the port of Hong Kong, and learn the skills to take command of The China Pearl, the grandest ship in the fleet of the infamous Madame Ching. Players will manage hands of navigation cards and match symbols to gain skills, play increasing numbers to complete missions, sack Hong Kong, and reach the end of the world. To win the respect of Madame Ching, you’ll need to carefully play your...

A Spiel des Jahres Press Release

CAMEL UP, ISTANBUL & ROKOKO nominated by the Spiel des Jahres Pegasus Spiele Online recently posted a press release where they announced that Camel Up has been nominated for the Spiel des Jahres, Rokoko and Istanbul have been nominated for the Kennerspiel des Jahres, and Love Letter and Guildhall have been given recommendations: Friedberg / Berlin, May 19 th 2014: Early this morning the nine-member jury "Spiel des Jahres" nominated this year’s Spiel des Jahres (game of the year) and the Kennerspiel des Jahres (expert game of the year) and...

Kickstarter: Town Center: London / Hong Kong

Town Center: London / Hong Kong is comprised of 4 double-sided player boards, with the all-new London expansion map on one side, and the also all-new Hong Kong expansion map on the other. There's also an A5-sized rulesheet/cover that explains the particularities of each map. Both maps are something new and challenging (in fact, very challenging), as players will have to manage their budget (London), and their building plans (Hong Kong) very, very carefully. The closing date on Kickstarter is May 30, 2014, the current pledged amount is $6,463 and the funding goal for the project is...

Coming September from Steve Jackson Games

Knightmare Chess

Knightmare Chess is chess played with cards!

The cards break the rules in wild and unpredictable ways. Some affect a single move, and some change the entire game. Knightmare Chess plays quickly out of the box, but it also includes variants, and it's easy for players to customize. The possibilities are endless, and so is the fun!

This new edition includes Knightmare Chess 2 , for a total of 158 beautiful cards, each painted by Rogério Vilela. Bonus: two blank cards for those who want to create their own...

Coming July - Farmageddon Expansions

Farmageddon - Livestocked and Loaded

Livestocked and Loaded changes the volatile fields of Farmageddon forever with the introduction of Animals and Weather!

Learn new strategies to master the livestock! Each animal will give you a benefit, but only if you feed it one of your planted crops…

Be the lookout for unexpected Weather cards, events shuffled into the crop deck that have unexpected effects when drawn.

Prepare yourself for the hooved fury!

Contains: 4 Animal cards 10 Weather cards 10 Action...

Coming June - Munchkin Legends

Become a Munchkin of Myth! Prepare to fight the creatures of legend...and take their stuff!

In Munchkin Legends, you’ll face mythical monsters and collect legendary treasures. Challenge the Boogie Man to a dance-off...and cheat by wearing Achilles’ Heels. Hide from the spells of the Wicked Witch of the Midwest in your Bermuda Shorts of Invulnerability. And if you think you’re up to it... release the Kraken!

Munchkin Legends is a stand-alone set or combine it with the original Munchkin for a legendarily wacky game!


Coming July - Fief: France 1429

Diplomacy, chivalry, and dastardly deceit in 15th century France! Fief is a game of dynastic ambition, where players assume the robles of nobles in the 15th century Kingdom of France.

Each player strives to become the most powerful ruling force in the Kingdom by gaining control of Fief and Bishopric territories. In turn, they acquire Royal and Ecclesiastical (church) titles which give their families influence to elect the next Pope and King. Players strengthen their positions by negotiating marriage alliances between their families, setting...

Coming July - Shattered Arms

Command at Sea travels to the waters off Spain in 1936, where in July, right-wing “Nationalists” rebelled against the democratically elected left-wing “Republicans,” resulting in the bloody civil war.

Italy and Germany quickly backed the Fascist Nationalists, as the Soviet Union rallied behind the Communist-Socialist-Anarchist Republicans. Meanwhile England, with a reluctant France, desperately sought to keep war from expanding.

Shattered Armada features 22 scenarios describing battles that actually did occur, “could have” battles with combatants who were close enough to fight; and “what if” battles drawn from war plans...

Castle Dice Expansion on Kickstarter

More Castles! is the first expansion to Fun to 11's critically acclaimed hit, Castle Dice. Mix up your games with 4 new castle decks and more! Castle Dice released almost a year ago, and it has been met with glowing review after glowing review. The mechanics are truly original and they create a fun experience that is enjoyed by a wide variety of players. It’s a great game for families AND a great game for a hard-core gamer night.

Castle Dice is a light Euro-Style game that has received critical praise from...


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