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Coming Soon from IDW Games

Coming in October from IDW Games Machi Koro: Harbor The first expansion for the smash-hit, Machi Koro isn’t due out until late October, but be sure to check your local game store for prize-supported events with the full 5-player expansion contents more than a month early. Machi Koro: Harbor Expansion will add 10 new establishments, 1 new starting establishment and 2 new landmarks (82 cards total). You will have access to powerful new cards like the Harbor, Airport, and more. Most importantly you will be able to add a fifth player to the game for...

FORETOLD: Rise of a God

Coming in September from Legion Supplies Foretold, designed by Jay Semerad, is a strategic free-for-all game based on Greek mythology and history, designed from the ground up for a great multiplayer experience. Previously a Kickstarter project ($31,348 funded from a $25,000 goal with 278 backers) the game is described as " a open-world, turn-based strategy game that combines familiar elements of fantasy card games and combative dice games in a new and exciting way." Players take on the role of an aspiring deity. They must build up a Temple, gather Faithful followers and...

Dolmen: Abstract from 2005 Revived on Crowdfunder

It’s kind of funny how many unanswered questions history has left us with. Who built the Stonehenge? Why was the Stonehenge built? Where are all of the good abstract games for more than two players? The answers to these noggin-scratchers were under our noses the entire time. Stonehenge was built by druids in search of victory points victory points, and good 2 to 4 player abstracts can still be found on crowdfunding websites. The answers to these mysteries were not answered by an archeologist, but instead by game designer Thomas Odenhoven (Portobello Market, Stories!) and his new...

Alhambra Expansion, Big Box, Spinoff Collection Arrive on KS

If you haven’t played Dirk Henn’s (Metro, Shogun, Wallenstein) Spiel des Jahres winning classic from 2003, Alhambra, then now may be the best time to pick it up. Queen Games has begun a Kickstarter for “everything Alhambra” which includes the Alhambra Big Box (the base game and the original five expansions), the brand new Falconers expansion, the Alhambra Big Box Special Edition, and two new mini expansions (or “Queenies”). The Alhambra Big Box Special Edition is a compilation of four spinoffs of Alhambra, specifically Granada, Alhambra: The Dice Game, The Gardens of Alhambra,...

Flash Point: Honor & Duty Expansion Ignites on Kickstarter

The firefighters of Indie Boards & Cards ’ cooperative hit Flash Point: Fire Rescue have been almost everywhere: houses, apartment complexes, office buildings, auto repair shops, laboratories, boats, and submarines. These brave men and women are going to have two new locations to defend from a fiery inferno in the newly announced Flash Point: Honor & Duty Expansion which consists of a double sided full-sized board of a train station and an airplane. It should be noted that the airplane is grounded. As exciting as it would be and as bold as...

Silent War and Imperial Japanese Navy from Compass Games

This August, Compass Games will be reprinting Silent War and its expansion Imperial Japanese Navy. This nautical war-game was initially printed in 2005 and designed by Brien J. Miller (Second World Wat at Sea: SOPAC, Eagles of the Empire: Spanish Eagles). Silent War Silent War is a solitaire simulation of the United States’ submarine war against Imperial Japan during the Second World War. The scenarios allow players to recreate various stages of the war or the entire campaign. In each of these scenarios, the player takes on the role of Commander Submarines, US Pacific Fleet...

Issue #7 Suspense and Decision

Over at PlayByMail.Net, Issue #7 of Suspense and Decision was released last month. The link above takes you to the forums and this is the direct link to the war-game magazine.

Pirates, Ninjas, Robots, & Zombies from Rather Dashing Games

Pirates, Ninjas, Robots, & Zombies, a tile-laying game for 2 to 4 players, will release next month from Rather Dashing Games . There hasn't been much information about game play or the rules yet, but there is this description from the publisher: The question that has bewildered evil masterminds and superheroes alike can at last be answered! Who would triumph in an all-out brawl; Pirates, Ninjas, Robots or Zombies? Finally, in this fun and tactical tile-laying game, you and your friends can attempt to settle the debate once and for all by laying down the highest...

NPC Comic - "No Strings"

NPC Comic creator, Mary Varn, posted the below comic last month. We thought we'd share the fun.

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