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Beowulf: A Board Game on Kickstarter

Beowulf: A Board Game is a dynamic tabletop strategy game for 3-6 players, adapted from one of the oldest and most celebrated works of European literature. The game uses the Anglo-Saxon epic poem as a point of entry into a vast interpretation of the Viking Age. As the legend of Beowulf's life and death unfolds on the game's board, players will trade, scheme and raid one another to grow their own kingdom's influence and power. After the death of Beowulf at the fangs of a dragon, the game moves forward in time, as players scramble to preserve...

Kickstarter - Twisted Counters

Are you getting tired of using dice for life counters? Wish you could have customized counters for games like Sentinnels of the Multiverse? Well, this Kickstarter project is for you! Twisted Counters is at nearly 400% of its funding goal and trending towards well over 2,000% (according to Kicktraq ). You can learn more about the project here .

Ghosts Really do Love Candy!

Ghosts Love Candy is a new family game up on Kickstarter from 5th Street Games. It's currently met over 1/2 of its $7k funding goal with a variety of stretch goals.

Here's what will ship in the box:

It's a game that can play in only 20-30 minutes and the Kickstarter page (linked above) contains numerous embedded video rules as well as a link to download the rules.

Kickstarter Progress

Ok, maybe not Kickstarter progress, but Progress - a civilization board game from NSKN Games. Yes, Progress is a new game available to Kickstart here . The following is a small description of the game that includes downloadable rules:

Technologies emerged in the very early stages of human history as an expression of the evolution of the human mind. Sir Arthur C. Clarke said that “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic” and yet here we stand, a civilization built on the knowledge and technologies of our predecessors.


World Record - The Longest Boardgame

A group of gamers broke the world record for longest boardgame. Jump to 82:24:35 for the activity to truly start. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QBcTDOG6j5Q

Sol Rising Signed by Victory Point Games

Grant Rodiek (Farmageddon & Battle for York) announced on Twitter that Sol Rising , an upcoming dice combat tactical game, has been picked up by Victory Point Games . From Rodiek at Hyperbole Games: Sol Rising focuses on the conflicts, big and small, of the Sol system primarily involving United Terra and the Martian Republic. The game features a few really neat aspects that I think make it special: Simple formation mechanic that determines defensive and tactical options. All pertinent information written on cards. No complex charts or rules to...

Stronghold Games Release Schedule 2014

Stronghold Games announced a Q3-Q4 release schedule: August 2014

Among the Stars


September 2014

Among the Stars: The Ambassadors

Panamax: 100th Anniversary of the Panama Canal

Space Cadets: Dice Duel - Die Fighter

October 2014

Among the Stars: The Promos

Core Worlds: Revolution


BattleCON: War Remastered

BattleCON brings the tension of 2D fighting games to life as a card game with 18 playable characters and tons of extras! BattleCON is a head-to-head dueling card game that captures the style of fighting video games like Street Fighter, Guilty Gear, Mortal Kombat, or BlazBlue--the only differences are that it plays on your kitchen table and you don't have to spend hours memorizing button combinations to become a competitive fighter. BattleCON boils the mechanics of 2D fighting down to the essentials so that you can focus on strategies and outwitting your opponent. BattleCON utilizes a system...

Coming Soon - Lost Legacy: Flying Garden

Scattered across the world are pieces of a strange craft from far beyond the skies – known as the Lost Legacies. In the eastern peaks, legends speak of a floating paradise, a garden of unearthly delights protected by an implacable guardian. Some of these legends claim the garden provides an unending source of ambrosial food and water. Discover where the Lost Legacy can be found and win the game! Lost Legacy is a game of risk, deduction and luck. Each turn you play a card in order to eliminate other players from the game or discover where...

Doomtown: Reloaded New Player Board

AEG posted a picture of Doomtown: Reloaded's new player board. As the preview picture of the opened box that went around last week showed, we have included a player board in Doomtown: Reloaded. This board is intended to help players learn the movement rules, as well as provide pointers on performing jobs, and the various hand-ranks in shootouts and lowball. Note that while this board shows a certain amount of spaces for Deeds, you can of course play more, this is just to help! Read on to see the preview image!


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