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The Reckoners Are Expanding!

Nauvoo Games has announced the first expansion for its highly-regarded cooperative game, The Reckoners , which was based on the series of young adult novels written by Brandon Sanderson. The expansion, The Reckoners: Steelslayer , is designed by the original game’s designers, Brett Sobol and Seth Van Orden. The artwork is provided by Noah Adelman, Miguel Coimbra, and Ian O’Toole, all of whom contributed to the artwork of the original game. The game plays 1-6 players, ages 14 and up, in about 75 minutes.

Just as the original game is, the...

Pandasaurus Games announces 4 new games for October

Pandasaurus Games has announced four exciting new games coming in the month of October: 2 card games, a noteworthy childrens’ game, and a jurassic theology piece.

“It may be called The Game: Quick and Easy, but winning is anything but.”

The first of these is The Game, Quick & Easy from designer Steffan Benndorf . The original The Game (2015) is a cooperative, limited communication game, in which players place numbered cards in ascending and descending lines. In Quick & Easy, this formula is made, well, quicker and...

Stefan Feld's Bonfire ignites in Q4 2020

The next game from renowned designer Stefan Feld is Bonfire , published by Pegasus Spiele. In Bonfire, 1-4 players each take on the role of a group of gnomes from the forest trying to relight the great bonfires of the city by completing tasks for the guardians of the light.

The game board consists of the large city and a series of islands to the side. Islands either contain a number of randomized tasks to complete for the guardians, or the guardians themselves. Each player has a boat they can move from the city to the...

Ant-Man is joining Marvel Champions

Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) has announced the Ant-Man Hero Pack for Marvel Champions: The Card Game . Like other hero packs, Ant-Man comes with a 40 card pre-built deck that is ready to play right out of the package. The Ant-Man Hero Pack is designed by the same trio behind the Marvel Champions base game: Michael Boggs , Nate French , and Caleb Grace.

The distinctive feature for Ant-Man is his ability to change size from tiny to giant. This is implemented by being the first champion with two different hero forms. Ant-Man's hero...

The OP brings noodle slurping to Yatzee

“The trademark ‘Much More Than a Soup’™ phrase found on every familiar red and yellow container of Cup Noodles™ couldn’t sum up instant fun better, now that you can enjoy your favorite on-the-go ramen in its most irresistible form yet!”

The OP , formerly USAopoly, has announced Yahtzee: Cup Noodles , a new take on Yahtzee (1956): the classic “shake, score and shout”, Edwin S. Lowe ’s ancestor to the roll-and-write, the original King of Tokyo . Yahtzee: Cup Noodles comes in the...

Explore feudal Japan in Philosophia: Floating World

“Welcome to the Floating World. In this game you will travel back to feudal Japan, taking on the role of a character from that era, each with a unique set of skills and a terrible secret! Your aim is to demonstrate Ganbaru 頑張る, the ability to commit oneself fully and see a task through to the end.”

Game publisher Cogito Ergo Meeple and designer/owners Joseph N and Madeleine Adams have started a Kickstarter campaign for their second game, Philosophia: Floating World...

Explore space through a variable tech tree in Beyond the Sun

Rio Grande Games has announced Beyond the Sun, a space exploration, technology advancement, and resource management game for two to four players. Each player takes on the role of a faction venturing into deep space as Earth dies.

Players share a communal technology tree that determines the available actions. The technology tree is populated by cards that are drawn only when the technology becomes available to research. This means from game to game the tech tree will populate differently, and that players will not know how technology advancements will evolve over the course of the game. Technology...

In Other News - He-Man, Detective, Dinosaurs, and Dry Euro RPGs

Break out the denim jackets, get some batteries for your Walkman, and get ready for some 80s nostalgia as you journey through the mystical land of Eternia! Players can take command of iconic heroes and villains such as He-Man , Skeletor , She-Ra , Evil-Lyn , Man-At-Arms , Beast Man , and Teela , amongst others, all represented by 32mm plastic miniatures. There are even plans to sell an optional Castle of Grayskull Dice Tower .

Players choose from a variety of factions to either...

Franklin & Ghost jump from comics to tabletop

Franklin & Ghost: Bad Guy Brawl is an upcoming card game from Oxeye Media , who also publish the related comic book upon which the game is based w ritten by Garret Gunn, with art by Nicolas Touris .

Franklin, Ghost, and Delilah are assisted by 2-6 players who help their heroes fight off aliens, robots, rednecks, and some big bads, while competing to see who can take down the most of them. If a player takes on too many they could "go down" if they're over their head. Players can...

New announcements from DLP Games

DLP Games are a German board game publisher who are best known for games such as Maracaibo , Yokohama , and Altiplano . They have announced a few new titles on the way this year. We already covered Cloud Age , to be released in the US by Capstone Games, but you can also expect Monasterium , Remember Our Trip , and Orléans Stories 3 & 4.

Monasterium is set in the early Middle Ages where five monasteries were built in a beautiful valley...


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