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The collectible gift world has opened its arms to CATAN . Asmodee Entertainment and Ata-Boy are now in a licensing partnership for products such as pins, magnets, and lanyards.

“Ata-Boy brings a wide reach to the CATAN lifestyle merchandise family. Their products aim straight for the core of the brand and do that with refreshing clarity. . .I am excited that we can announce our cooperation today.” -Alexander Thieme, the Licensing Manager for Consumer Products at Asmodee Entertainment

Ata-Boy is not new to the pop culture market having been in business for over 30...

Scrawling through Dungeons & Dragons

WizKids has announced a new Dungeons & Dragons themed game for the entire family, Dungeons & Dragons: Dungeon Scrawlers: Heroes of Undermountain . The game is designed by Vangelis Bagiartakis and Konstantinos Karagiannis. It supports 2-4 players, ages 10 and up, and plays in around 15 minutes.

In Dungeon Scrawlers: Heroes of Undermountain , the players are exploring a huge underground catacomb filled with dungeons, called the Undermountain. On their individual player sheets, they will use markers to trace a path that allows them to defeat monsters, cast spells, and collect treasure as they wander through...

The Goonies gets the Coded Chronicles treatment

The OP (aka USAOpoly) has announced another game in their Coded Chronicles series of games, The Goonies: Escape with One-Eyed Willy’s Rich Stuff , which is designed by the duo of Jay Cormier and Sen-Foong Lim. The artwork for the game is provided by Andy Jewett. The game is designed for 1 to as many players as you care to play with, ages 12 and up, and takes about 2 hours to play.

In The Goonies: Escape with One-Eyed Willy’s Rich Stuff , the players take on the roles of Mikey, Brand, Mouth, Data, Andy, Stef,...

4Q Releases from Gamewright

Gamewright has announced two games coming in September 2021:

Yōkai - Yōkai is a cooperative memory game in which the players are trying to reunite 4 groups of mystical spirits that have been separated. This game was originally released in 2019. It is designed by Julien Griffon. The game supports 2-4 players, ages 10 and up, and plays in 15-35 minutes. Word Heist - Word Heist is a game in which players are attempting to make words that the other players cannot “steal” otherwise the stealing player gets the points. This game...

CI-TA-DELS! (In Eric Summerer’s Voice)

Z-Man Games has announced that it is publishing a revised edition of its well-known card game, Citadels . Citadels was originally published in 2000 and reprinted as a deluxe version in 2016. The game is designed by Bruno Faidutti. It plays 2-8 players, ages 10 and up, in 30-60 minutes.

The new, revised edition is a reimplementation of Citadels Deluxe . This edition repackages that deluxe version into a streamlined, more portable package. The gameplay remains the same, however. Each round the players will draft the role that they want to represent. All of the...

Enter the Wizarding World

The OP (aka USAOpoly) has announced a reimplementation of the classic roll-and-move game Talisman with a Harry Potter spin, Talisman: Harry Potter . No designer or artist have been named for the game, which plays 2-6 players, ages 13 and up, in 90-120 minutes.

In Talisman: Harry Potter , the players can play as Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy, and various other Harry Potter characters as they try and either defeat Lord Voldemort as a member of the Order of the Phoenix or impress Voldemort with their loyalty as one of the Death Eaters. It is a...

Get Your Game(wright) On!

Gamewright Games has announced several games that are anticipated to deliver some time in the month of August 2021:

Hedgehog Roll : Billed as a “fun and fuzzy racing game,” Hedgehog Roll can be played either cooperatively as all players try to beat the fox or competitively to see who can get their hedgehog home first. The game is for 1-4 players, ages 4 and up, and takes about 20 minutes to play;

Coffin Full of Zombies : Coffin Full of Zombies is a dexterity game in which the players use...

Corrosion Coming Soon

Capstone Games has announced a new game coming out this fall, Corrosion , which is designed by Stefan Bauer. Corrosion is his first published game. The artwork for the game is provided by Dennis Lohausen. Corrosion supports 1-4 players, ages 12 and up, and plays in 1-2 hours.

In Corrosion , the greatest enemy of the players is time. Players will gather gears and steam in order to build machines, but these machines are subject to time - and rust. The players will have multiple engineers in play, all of whom do different things...

Hockey with a bat and ball

Asmodee is bringing Hero Hockey to retail, a dexterity game published by Oy Marektoy. Reminiscent of Klask , two players each control a hero via a magnet underneath the board. There is a ball that players try to get into their opponent's goal, and the first player to six goals wins. Each hero is a cylinder with a dome on top, holding a bat. Each goal is in the shape of a half circle near, but not up against the end walls of the rectangular board, which is surrounded by walls to allow for bank shots....

Lucky Duck Has Found a Partner

Lucky Duck Games has announced that it is partnering up with HYBR, a publisher based in Germany, to produce the cooperative children’s game, Yummy Yummy Monster Tummy , a reimplementation of HYBR’s game, Soviet Kitchen Unleashed . Yummy Yummy Monster Tummy is designed by Andreas Wild and the artwork is provided by JocArt. The game plays 2-4 players, ages 6 and up, and takes about 15-30 minutes.

Yummy Yummy Monster Tummy uses an app to support the game play. The players will be using the QR codes on the back of the cards...


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