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Maharaja Comes to Kickstarter

Cranio Creations has launched a Kickstarter campaign for the Wolfgang Kramer & Michael Kiesling classic, Maharaja . The game has been re-designed by Simone Luciani of Tzolk'in fame. In addition, the graphics and components for the game have been improved and overhauled. The artists for this new edition are Klemens Franz and Samuele Gaudio. The game plays 2-4 players, ages 14 and up, in about 90 minutes.

In Maharaja , the players are each attempting to win the favor of their maharaja. They do this by building statues and raising shrines, making the visit of...

Spiel des Jahres Nominees for 2020 announced

The nominations for the illustrious Spiel des Jahres awards have just been announced from Germany. Spiel des Jahres, formed in 1978, gives three awards each year, plus a variable number of recognitions, recommendations, and special awards. These awards are generally considered the most respected in board games.

The original Spiel des Jahres is an award for the best family weight game, first given in 1979 to Hare and Tortoise by David Parlett . Recommendations for 2020 were Color Brain by Tristan Williams, The Fox in the Forest...

Essen Spiel 2020 Canceled

This year's International Spieltage SPIEL in Essen, Germany has been canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The next Essen Game Fair will be in 2021, October 14th through 17th. The event organizers announced the postponement on the SPIEL website , stating:

"The health of our exhibitors, visitors, guests and employees is very important to us.

We have been observing the very dynamic national and international development regarding Covid-19 very closely over the last weeks and months and have explored all possibilities for the implementation of SPIEL ’20, also in coordination with the authorities. Unfortunately, this...

Days of Wonder Announces Small World of Warcraft

Days of Wonder, publisher of mega-hits such as Memoir '44 and some railroad game , have announced Small World of Warcraft , the first game to be released as part of its collaboration with Blizzard Entertainment. Small World of Warcraft combines the mechanics of Days of Wonder's hit game Small World with the setting of Blizzard's Warcraft universe.

Days of Wonder has worked closely with Blizzard to create a game that seamlessly brings together both universes. Originally previewed at Blizzcon 2019, Small World...

Unknown Aliens Are Attacking!

AV Studio Games is running a Kickstarter campaign for Pulp Invasion and its expansion, Pulp Invasion X1 . Both the base game and the expansion were designed by Todd Sanders and feature retro artwork also supplied by Sanders. The base game is a solo only game, but the expansion adds a variant for playing with 2 players. The game is recommended for ages 12 and up and plays in about 30 minutes.

In both the game and the expansion, the player is trying both to explore new planets as one of six captains that come in the...

Seastead is a new game set in the world of Flotilla, from WizKids

Humanity clings four flotillas for survival in the vast ocean. Set in the universe of the 2019 release Flotilla , you and your rival are competing to become the leader of Seastead. The game can be played with two players or solo.

On your turn you either dive into the sea to collect resources, or use resources to construct a building on one of the flotillas. When you dive, you will draw a card with two amalgams of resources. You choose one to keep and the other goes to your opponent. Building a building will...

Days of Wonder announces Ticket to Ride: Amsterdam

“Welcome to the 17th Century. You are in the middle of the Gouden Eeuw, the Dutch Golden Age. Amsterdam is the beating heart of global trade and the wealthiest city on Earth. Goods from around the world are piling up on the docks, in ship holds, in warehouses, and on the banks of its countless canals.”

Days of Wonder has announced the latest in Sir Alan R. Moon ’s record selling series of locomotive driven board game classics, Ticket to Ride: Amsterdam . In this latest reincarnation, 2-4 players are setting...

App driven 4X pirate game Sea of Legends on KS

“Spell sits in the back of a secluded tavern savoring her drink and her recent victory. Only hours ago, the newly assembled crew had voted her to be their captain, but now she faces a problem. She doesn't have the money to outfit a ship. She hunts through the pages of an ancient tome looking for an answer. The solution walks through the door dripping wet. A parade of soggy sailors barges in, grumbling under their beards.”

Guildhall Studios , along with designers Ryan Schapals , Zach Weisman...

Critically Acclaimed Guards of Atlantis Now Has a Sequel

Wolff Designa has launched a Kickstarter campaign for the sequel to its critically acclaimed multiplayer online battle arena game in a box, Guardians of Atlantis . Guardians of Atlantis II is designed by the same man who brought you the previous incarnation of the game, Artyom Nichipurov. This sequel plays 4-10 players, ages 14 and up, in 90-120 minutes.

According to its Kickstarter page, Guardians of Atlantis II improves on every aspect of the original game. There is a change log detailing all of the changes from the previous edition to this one on the...

IELLO Announces New Releases for June and July

IELLO, publisher of King of Tokyo , has announced three new family-weight games for release in June and July this year.

Superfly is a game of competitive fly-swatting. The game begins with a number of cards being laid out on the table. On the count of '3', players use their die-filled flyswatter to smack the card of their choice. If the player is the only one to smash a given card, then it is theirs. If multiple players swat a card, then whoever 'rolled' the highest number with the die in their...


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