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Hasbro loses monopoly use of the "Monopoly" trademark

Hasbro, the owner of the trademark and popular board game called Monopoly, have lost the EU legal battle to exclusively use that brand. A new decision means that they’ve lost the monopoly to use the trademark of “Monopoly” as is in a board game as the EU General Court found its filing strategy was designed to avoid proving its genuine use, a key requirement for a trademark filing.

The owner of a trademark has to prove genuine use five years after the mark was registered and granted by the EUIPO and can be invalidated under EU law....

Goonies continue to never say die, with an expansion

Funko Games has announced the first expansion for their upcoming release The Goonies: Never Say Die . The base game of the one vs. many adventure includes nine scenarios, with five protagonist characters. The expansion, The Goonies: Under the Goondocks , adds three characters for the many team: Stef, Brand, and Andy, as well as a new foe, Troy the bully. All four have their own miniature. The expansion includes three new scenarios. In these new scenarios, Troy and his father have failed to turn the Goondocks into a country club, and now Troy is hunting...

The Old World is New Again

Go on Board has launched a Kickstarter campaign for its latest game, The Witcher: Old World , which is designed by Łukasz Woźniak who is responsible for such titles as 7 Days of Westerplatte and Valhalla . The artist for the game is not credited at this time. The game plays 1-5 players, ages 14 and up, in a 90-150 minutes.

The Witcher: Old World is set before the time of Geralt of Rivia, as 5 competing witcher schools strive to produce the best witchers. Once the witchers are fully trained, they are...

Capstone announces Savannah Park and Riftforce

Capstone Games will release Riftforce , a two-player, dueling card game by Carlo Bortolini with illustrations by Miguel Coimbra. The game starts with each playing drafting 4 of 10 different guilds, each with their own unique power, to create an asymmetrical alliance between them. Elementals in each guild are the troops and resources necessary for attack so there is a tradeoff between using their powerful combo attacks or gathering support for the next turn. The game features powerful combos between the guilds which influence the strategy and strengths available to players in the deck. The...

Path of Light and Shadow: Solstice on Kickstarter

In Path of Light and Shadow: Solstice players return to the world of Path of Light and Shadow to explore the Hinterlands, discover magic relics, gain new titles, and take charge of forces moving between Cruelty and Mercy.

This expansion adds a new region, the Hinterlands , which lies in the realm of the Viratis , a new faction that encourages players to stray from their moral faction. This faction is composed of two tribes who fight for what remains of their island and introduces the concept of Doubt into the game....

Return to The Isle of Cats and rescue those kittens!

Return to The Isle of Cats with The Isle of Cats: Kittens + Beasts expansion currently seeking funding on Kickstarter. This expansion is designed by the same designer, Frank West. The story from the original game is continued as a new fleet of ships is dispatched to rescue some more cats from the Isle of Cats, along with the kittens! The kittens are more elusive and skittish so some added cunning is required.

The Kittens + Beasts expansion adds 3 new expansion modules which can be played in any combination...

In Other News - Board Game Atlas, Zombicide, Catan 3D, WitchStone, Pandemic novels, and The Battle of Five Armies

There’s a very healthy ecosystem of board game reviewers who help us mere mortals wade through the plethora of games competing for our attention. Board Game Atlas thought it would be more useful to have all those reviews in one place and stepped in with the launch of their new review system featuring the industry’s top critics with over 3000 review snippets at launch. The Dice Tower is one of 30 top critics to be included in the initial slate who go side-by-side with community reviews all measured against a 100-point scale....

Hey You Guys and Girls! There's a Goonies game releasing this summer.

Funko Games is publishing The Goonies: Never Say Die , designed by Prospero Hall, with art by Henning Ludvigsen. In this one versus many game, one player takes on the role of the Goondocks Master , controlling the Fratellis , One-Eyed Willie , and the giant octopus. The other players are the Goonies: Mikey, Mouth, Chunk, Data, and Sloth. The game components include eight miniatures for the previously mentioned characters. The Goonies have variable abilities that their team will use to attempt to overcome the puzzles and obstacles of the Goondocks Master . The...

A New Dominion App

Temple Gates Games, in collaboration with Rio Grande Games, is bringing Dominion to iOS, Android and Steam. Dominion , designed by Spiel des Jahres winner Donald X. Vaccarino, defined the deckbuilding genre for board games and a good digital implementation has been lacking. This new implementation features:

Automated scorekeeping, setup and rules enforcement;

Jumbo mode for larger text;

Turbo mode to zoom through games quickly;

Neural net AI for solo play;

Async and real-time multiplayer;

Pass and play; and,

Cross platform compatible....

Eric Lang has designed a Disney game

Spin Master Games is publishing Disney Sidekicks , a cooperative game for 2-4 players designed by Eric M. Lang. Heroes from beloved Disney movies have been locked inside a castle by the villains. Now it is up to the sidekicks to traverse the game board to rescue villagers, defeat villains, and collect locks to open the castle. The game features the following pairings of sidekicks and respective villains:

Abu and Jafar from Aladdin, Gaston and Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast, Tinker Bell and Captain Hook from Peter Pan, Timon and Pumbaa along with Scar from...


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