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More Camels in the Future

Pretzel Games has announced a standalone sequel to its Spiel des Jahres winner, Camel Up , called Camel Up: Off Season . The new game is designed by Anna Oppolzer and Stefan Kloß with artwork provided by Chris Qwilliams. It plays 3-5, ages 8 and up, in about 45 minutes.

In this family-friendly game, the players are merchants seeking to earn their fortune. The game features a push your luck element where players can purchase goods and stack them to load up their caravans. Stacking is great because you get better bonuses, but...

A New Epic Encounter Is on the Horizon

Steamforged Games has announced its upcoming Epic Encounters: Temple of the Snake God . The game is due for release in June 2021.

This epic encounter features a boss monster like no other. Contained within the box is a 100mm giant snake miniature ready for your next fantasy roleplaying adventure. This Epic Encounter is fully compatible with 5th edition and contains an all-in-one encounter that is ready to go. Included in the box are the aforementioned snake miniature, a double-sided playmat, tokens and an adventure book.

If you are interested in what Epic Encounters: Temple...

Jinja coming soon from WizKids

WizKids has announced a new worker placement game set in Japan, Jinja . It is designed by Kevin Crosby (his first published design) and Cory Goff with artwork provided by Lamaro Smith. The game plays 2-5 players, ages 12 and up, in about an hour.

In Jinja , players are building shrines across Japan and completing Omikuji cards in order to have the most honor at the end of 5 seasons and thus win the game. The game features worker placement with a little area control thrown in for good measure. The players will place...

Robinson Crusoe Collector's Edition launches on Gamefound

The crowdfunding platform Gamefound is home to a project to create an upgraded version of Robinson Crusoe with new content. The one to four player cooperative survival game is designed by Ignacy Trzewiczek, and published by Portal Games. Players take on the role of castaways trying to survive on a desert island. The game is renowned for its challenge and for early thematic decisions in the game impacting the game later through the event deck.

The deluxified version includes:

Miniatures by Awaken Realms for the characters and camp structures. Plastic storage insert...

Exciting News from Burnt Island Games

Burnt Island Games has announced an upcoming Kickstarter campaign that will begin June 1, 2021, for Fall of the Mountain King , a prequel to its In the Hall of the Mountain King . Fall of the Mountain King is designed by Adam Daulton, is for 2-5 players, ages 13+, and plays in approximately 90 minutes.

Fall of the Mountain King takes place before the events of In the Hall of the Mountain King , which has players reconstructing the kingdom after the Great Gnome Invasion. Fall of the Mountain King tells...

Is This Your Grail Game?

Grail Games, known for bringing back hard-to-find titles, has launched a Kickstarter for the long out-of-print game, Fjords . Fjords , originally published in 2005, is designed by Franz-Benno Delonge. The reprint adds Phil Walker-Harding to the designer credits, with all new artwork supplied by Beth Sobel. Unlike the original game which was 2-player only, the new edition goes up to 4 players. The game is for players ages 8 and up, and takes between 30-45 minutes to play.

Fjords is a tile-laying, area control game in which players try and control as much...

In Other News - Unmatched, Lucky Duck Games, GenCon 2021, and Kolossal Games

Restoration Games announced the Unmatched Deck Design Contest Winners earlier this month along with their winning decks which are:

● Adil M. Geresu, “The Genie of the Lamp”

● Sam Crane, “Harry Houdini”

● Jonathan Guberman, “William Shakespeare”

● Chet Dudick & Charles Peters, “Rosie the Riveter”

They originally planned to only have four winning decks to be featured in a single set but due to an overwhelming response of high quality submissions eight additional decks will appear in future sets.The first planned set from the winning entries is “Unmatched:...

Name Change for White Wizard Games

In an effort to better represent both the company and the community it serves, White Wizard Games has changed its name to Wise Wizard Games. The company, whose best known game is Star Realms , had a 20% revenue growth in 2020 and has no intention of slowing down in 2021.

Per Debbie Moynahan, the COO of Wise Wizard Games, the original company name “was a throwback to Gandalf, the iconic fantasy character. Based on feedback from the community and our future plans to broaden our product line, we decided it was time for a change.”...

KeyForge Adventures adds cooperative play

Fantasy Flight Games are adding cooperative and solo play in two free-to-play adventures to their popular KeyForge game. The expansion uses the themes and mechanisms found in the KeyForge: Dark Tidings set. Players use the existing KeyForge decks in their collection to tackle multiple difficulty levels as they're taken to the depths of the Crucible's oceans to face epic monsters and cunning cultists. Both of these adventures, Rise of the Keyraken and The Abyssal Conspiracy replace the players opponent with an automated deck from which they draw when their...

Clank! In! Space! Adventures: Pulsarcade

Clank! In! Space! Adventures: Pulsarcade is an expansion for the core game which adds Lord Eradikus' collection of vintage arcade cabinets. There are six new modules in the expansion, each with their own rules, which provide brand new ways to steal artifacts. Players can ransack a vault, then spend loot at the black market. Or they can research new science, clone themselves, enter a high-stakes race, or entertain a bloodthirsty audience in the Danger Theater . Clank! In! Space! Adventures: Pulsarcade is published by Renegade Game Studios , caters for 2-4 players, aged...


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