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We Bought a Zoo

Ark Nova is a game where one to four players compete to create the most successful zoo. The measures of success for your zoo are Appeal and Conservation. These characteristics start at opposite ends of the same track, and advance toward each other. When one player's Appeal and Conservation enter the same scoring area on the track or pass each other, the end game is triggered.

Each player receives a zoo map of hexagonal spaces. They can build tiles on their zoo, which represent enclosures of various sizes to hold animals, kiosks, or pavillions....

Marvel Dice Throne rolls onto Kickstarter

Publishers Roxley Games and The Op have teamed up to infuse the Dice Throne game system with a dose of Marvel superheroes. Marvel Dice Throne is on Kickstarter now. The game includes eight playable characters:

Spiderman: Miles Morales Scarlet Witch Thor Black Widow Doctor Strange Loki Captain Marvel Black Panther

The characters are balanced for even matchups, but have varying complexity levels to accomodate different playstyles. Each hero comes with a set of five custom dice. The game can be played in teams of 1v1, 2v2, or 3v3, as well as free-for-all with...

Goliath acquires Endless Games

Goliath , founded in 1980, is one of the few remaining family-owned, global, toy and game companies, and is the distributor of a range of products, including Rummikub . They’ve recently acquired Endless Games , founded in 1996 by industry veterans Mike Gasser, Kevin McNulty, and game inventor Brian Turtle , and who contributed to the success of games such as Trivial Pursuit , Pictionary and Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon .

Endless Games will continue to operate out of their New Jersey office and plan to fully integrate with...

Asmodee announces new puzzle books and Catan posters

Following the recent success of the release of the CATAN - Puzzle Book last year, Welbeck Publishing Group and Asmodee Entertainment announced two new titles based on the same concept. Days of Wonder’s Ticket to Ride and Space Cowboy’s Unlock! titles will join Welbeck’s range of board game-inspired puzzle books.

The Ticket to Ride puzzle book takes readers through a narrative trip across the world solving 100 puzzles and collecting tickets along the way as they look to complete their journey. Its written by the experienced puzzle writer, and board game...

New from Lucky Duck Games

Lucky Duck Games has announced several new titles coming soon to their stable of board games:

Small Islands , designed by Alexis Allard with artwork provided by Aurélie Guarino. Small Islands is a tile placement game that features an advanced mode and a solo mode as well. Players are adventurers attempting to uncover all the secrets of a hidden archipelago. The game plays 1-4, ages 8 and up, in about 30 minutes. Additional information on the game is available here

Tranquility , designed by James Emmerson with artwork supplied by...

Upper Deck awarding a Gen Con trip to the most Legendary gamer

Upper Deck is in search of the ultimate Legendary Gamer ! The Legendary Gamer is the most passionate of tabletop gamers, who has made a positive impact in the gaming or Legendary® community. Upper Deck will award a first, second, and third place prize from the submissions.

First Prize includes: (1) two tickets to Gen Con 2022; (2) transportation to and from the Indianapolis International Airport; (3) one six hundred dollar (U.S.D. $600) travel voucher; (4) two Legendary Gamer hoodies; (5) three Upper Deck Gallery prints; (6) one Legendary Gamer water bottle; (7) one Legendary Gamer...

DC Goes Digital

Cryptozoic Entertainment and YUKE’s have announced DC Dual Force , a digital collectible card game in the DC Universe. The game is currently being developed by Cryptozoic and will be published by YUKE’s in the fall of 2022.

DC Dual Force is being touted as a fresh new way to play a collectible card game. Cryptozoic has stated that they are committed to making the game quick to learn with intuitive, innovative game mechanics. DC Dual Force will give players the opportunity to combine their favorite DC super heroes and villains into awesome...

The Circus is Coming to Town

Portal Games has opened pre-orders for its new Essen release, Dreadful Circus , which is designed by Bruno Faidutti. The artwork for the game is supplied by Mateusz Bielski and Maciej Simiński. The game plays 4-8 players, ages 14 and up, and plays in 30-40 minutes.

Dreadful Circus is billed as a “fast strategy game” in which the players take on the roles of circus directors trying to put on the most memorable shows. They do this through negotiation, bidding, and set collection mechanics. Expect the competition to be fierce and the interaction to...

First Teburu Title Announced

Xplored has announced the first title for its new Teburu game system, The Bad Karmas and the Curse of the Zodiac , which will be launching on Kickstarter in the first quarter of 2022. Xplored is going to be at Essen Spiel 2021 to show off the Teburu system.

The Bad Karmas And The Curse of the Zodiac is a cooperative boss-battle game complete with detailed “smart” miniatures. In the game, four unlikely heroes will have to work together to battle 12 horrifying gigantic demigods (the Zodiacs) awakening around the world, in...

More Bullet★ on the Way

Level 99 Games has announced more Bullet on the way. Bullet★ is now available for pre-order on the Level 99 website. The game is designed by Joshua Van Laningham with artwork provided by Usanekorin. Bullet★ supports 1-4 players, ages 12 and up, and plays in about 15 minutes.

Bullet★ is a fast-paced shoot-em up puzzle action game in which the players take on the roles of one of eight different heroines, each of whom has their own different power, making them all unique. The game can be played in 4 different...


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