Coming Soon From Fantasy Flight Games

Warhammer 40,000: Conquest Fantasy Flight Games shows us another preview of their upcoming release, Warhammer 40,000: Conquest. Conquest is a living card game expected to release later this year designed by Brad Andres, Nate French, and Eric Lang. This time, we are taken into a more detailed look at the combat players will experience each round. Combat in Warhammer 40,000: Conquest is conducted over a series of merciless rounds. Combat begins at a planet when the player with initiative chooses one of his ready units to strike. Every unit has two numbers on the lower...

Plaid Hat Games and Level99 Games Team Up!

Continuing down the plethora of publishers partnerships, Level99 Games and Plaid Hat Games have come together to offer Prince Elien (Summoner Wars) in the next BattleCON. In celebration of the upcoming Alliances Master Set for Summoner Wars, Plaid Hat Games and Level 99 have teamed up to bring you a BattleCON Promo Fighter: Prince Elien! After his alliance with the Fallen Kingdom, Elien has gained new dark powers and immortality. He brings these new powers to the arena by using both summoned allies and his own magic to duel in BattleCON!

Kickstart a Sci-Fi Cooperative Deck Builder

There's a new cooperative deck-building game up on Kickstarter from the folks over at Cool Mini or Not entitled Xenoshyft. Its made over triple its funding goal and has the following features: 1 - 4 players - Single player compatible, fully cooperative gameplay. Strong focus on coordination and strategic planning - to overcome the game's intense difficulty players will need to work together. 60 Minute game length Base-Defense with deck-building elements Incredible art - Illustrated by three amazing artists, XenoShyft features beautiful and consistent art. All of which creates one cohesive and frightening universe...

New WizKids Event System

Yestersday, WizKids Games announced a rejuvenated Event and Replacement system, effectively called WizKids Event System (WES) and WizKids Replacement System (WRS). It looks like these portals contain the current state functionality and are simply an aesthetic make-over to users at this time but new features will be coming soon. For now, the new WES and WRS aim to replicate the same functionality of the old systems in a more intuitive and efficient manner. The goal is to make these systems easier to use and speed up your interaction with the...

DoomTown Reloaded: Pancho Castillo

AEG released a preview of Pancho Castillo for their upcoming Gen Con release, DoomTown reloaded. About DoomTown Reloaded:

The classic collectible card game Deadlands: Doomtown returns as an Expandable Card Game in Doomtown: Reloaded . Featuring four factions fighting for control of Gomorra, California,Doomtown: Reloaded allows you to build your own deck from a fixed set of cards in the box. Play your dudes to control deeds in the town, and use actions, hexes, and more to thwart your opponents.

Shootouts are resolved via a poker mechanism as every...

Coming Soon from Portal Games

Portal games posted some expected reprint and language edition items coming this month. Pixel Tactics - Polish Edition

Pixel Tactics designed by D. Brad Talton Jr. (BattleCON & Disc Duelers) is a head-to-head game of tactical combat for two players. Each player has an identical deck of 25 cards, from which they draft a leader. The leader's abilities alter vastly the strategy and play ability of every other card in the deck, making the game playable in 25 different ways.

In the game, players take turns placing cards...

Coming Soon from Games Salute

Coming in June from Game Salute ! Fantasy Frontier Fantasy Frontier is a fantasy board game of airships and exploration as each player controls a unique airship with a crew of pioneers! Players manage the actions of these pioneers each turn in an effort to scout the land, gather resources, construct townships, and even battle it out in aerial combat. Creating geographic patterns via tile placement, the players will develop a new world each time they play. Players compete to be the first to score the required number of victory points to win the game. Points...

Modiphius Games Announces Thunderbirds

Modiphius Games announced Thunderbirds, a cooperative game from Matt Leacock (Pandemic & Forbidden Desert) that will be released late next year. Thunderbirds was a British science fiction television series in the '60's and Parker Brothers published roll and move variant in 1966.

Kaijudo Prep Deck - Swarming Rapids Lurker

Wizards of the Coast shows off the Swarming Rapids Lurker deck for Kaijudo. Swarming Rapids Lurker Prep Deck Water Cards: 3 Aqua Initiate 3 Tide Seer 3 Shore Chomper 1 Ethereal Agent 3 Icebelly Blowfish 1 Swarming Rapids Lurker 3 Veil Bubble Fire Cards: 3 Ember Adept 3 Scrapheap Hunter 3 Megacannon Renegade 3 Laserize Multi-Civ Cards: 3 Flame-Vent Diver 3 Frostburn Quartz 3 Flame Serpent 2 Scalding Surge You can read more about their prep deck here .

Coming Soon - Star Wars: The Card Game - Between the Shadows

Fantasy Flight Games announced the third deluxe expansion for Star Wars: The Card Game, Between the Shadows that will be available third quarter of 2014. From the publisher: In this deluxe expansion, you’ll find twenty-six new objective sets, giving you two copies each of twelve distinct sets and one copy apiece of two “Limit 1 per objective deck” sets. Although the expansion is focused on the Jedi and Scum and Villainy affiliations, every affiliation will find cards to use in this expansion. Two brand-new fate cards bring new tension to every edge...


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