Z-Man releases new mini expansions

December 17, 2019 - 7:44pm

Looking to add a little spice to some of your games?  Z-Man Games may have you covered with new mini expansions for several of their games.

The tile-laying puzzle game, NMBR 9, now has two small items you can add to the game.  The Starting Tiles Mini Expansion provides each player with a unique starting tile shape which is played before the first number tile.  The Extra Tiles Mini Expansion gives each player a pair of generic tiles which can be used to fill in space allowing for more placement options.

Cacao gets four new mini expansions, ranging from extra storage huts, a golden temple, and even volcanoes.

Other notable games like Stone Age, First Class and The Voyages of Marco Polo also have new mini expansions.  You can find out more details on all of these new mini expansions by clicking here.