Yellow & Yangtze is now HUANG

October 6, 2022 - 8:20am

In 2018, the former BBG #1 game Tigris & Euphrates received a sequel game from designer, Reiner Knizia, called Yellow & Yangtze. This took the game set in ancient Mesopotamia and relocated it to ancient China. It also replaced the square grid board with a hex board, but much of the gameplay remained the same. You were still competing with civilizations, establishing and balancing their political, economic, and religious power across the board. 

Yellow & Yangtze, previously from Holy Grail Games, is currently out of print, however Polish publisher PHALANX, announced this week it is bringing it back as HUANG. The gameplay appears to be remaining the same as in the Holy Grail Games edition. It will come in standard and deluxe editions, and three new expansions will be available. The deluxe edition will feature plastic miniatures for each of the players' leaders (anthropomorphic members of the Chinese Zodiac). The first expansion is announced and will be free to all backers of the crowdfunding campaign, and features plastic molded Pagodas. 

A crowdfunding campaign for HUANG is set to take place on Gamfound in January 2023. HUANG plays 2-4 players, 90 minutes, and ages 14+. 

Jordan is a contributor at the Dice Tower, and has provided segments for Board Game Breakfast for many years. In life, Jordan loves ice cream, all things Star Wars, and when his dog just leaves him alone (also board games).