The X-Men get the Marvel United treatment from CMON

April 21, 2021 - 10:18am

X-Men Marvel United

CMON has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Marvel United: X-Men, a sequel to last year’s hit, Marvel United.  This sequel is designed by two of the original game’s designers, Andrea Chiarvesio and Eric M. Lang, as well as Franceso Rugerfred Sedda.  The artist for both games remains the same, Édouard Guiton.  Marvel United: X-Men plays 1-5 players, upping the player count of the original game, ages 14 and up, in about 45 minutes.  

Besides bringing the X-Men into the Marvel United boardgame, Marvel United: X-Men also introduces new modes to the game, Super Villain mode, which changes the nature of the game from cooperative to a one-against-many game, and Team vs. Team mode, where 2 teams of up to 3 players each, compete to defeat the villain. In addition to to these modes, anti-heroes are added to the game as well.  Who knows which side they will fight for?

This full-funded Kickstarter campaign has about 2 weeks to go at the time of this writing.  There are several pledge levels, stretch goals, and add ons available.  The preliminary rulebook is on the campaign website and multiple videos for you to view if interested.  Be sure and check out the Kickstarter page hereMarvel United: X-Men is expected to deliver in May 2022.