Wyrd Miniatures releasing new VagrantSong scenario

November 18, 2022 - 8:17pm

The cooperative dungeon crawl VagrantSong by designers Matt Carter, Justin Gibbs, and Kyle Rowan was a critical darling right from its release late last year. Play as a team of Vagrants on a train, “fighting” haints to restore their humanity. Gameplay centers around bag building, with the haints’ tactics, found items, and events using tokens drawn from a bag. Featuring 1930’s style cartoon art from Nguyen Mai Diem, and multiple scenarios, the game tells a creepy, unique story.

And now, publisher Wyrd Miniatures has announced a new mini-expansion, the Seance Scenario. This time the vagrants are up against the infamous Fox Sisters. The scenario comes with its own 12 page book, a Fox Sisters Standee, 6 Vagrant Exclusive Skill cards, 3 Ritual cards, 6 Personal Ritual cards, and 6 Portrait Cards. The Seance Scenario is scheduled to release in December for $13.

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