In WWE Cage Battle, can you smell what WizKidz is cooking?!?!

August 11, 2020 - 9:09am

WWE Cage Battle

WizKidz has announced WWE Cage Battle, a dice flicking game for two to four players. This is an IP re-implementation of 2016 release Kung Fu Zoo. Both games are designed by Charlie Price. There is a sunken square playing surface with holes in the corners. Players each form a team of four wrestlers, then flick custom dice from the ridges on the edge in an effort to knock your opponents dice into the holes in the corners. Finesse is required, because if you flick your dice out of the ring, they are unavailable for the rest of the round, but if you knock your opponents dice out of the ring, they are placed back on the mat anywhere your opponent chooses. Each die has a stunned side, and when that side is face-up, the wrestler is unavailable to be flicked.

WWE Cage Battle features sixteen wrestling superstars (eight female and eight male) from WWE's past and present. Each wrestler has a special ability, and players can choose one to use each round. The rulebook contains two play modes, plus variants. In Cage Battle mode, players compete until their opponent(s) dice are all stunned or pinned (a wrestler is pinned when their dice is knocked into one of the corner holes). In Points Battle, players flick each of their wrestlers once, and then add up points based on which sides of the dice are face-up.  

For a full gallery of the sixteen included wrestlers, check out the WizKidz announcement. WWE Cage Battle is scheduled to release on October 2020.