WizKids Shows us What Happens after the Avengers Battle in 'Marvel: Damage Control'

July 14, 2022 - 9:18am

Remember that scene in Spiderman: Homecoming where Adrian Toomes (Vulture) is scouring the wreckage of a recent battle? Or in the Hawkeye television series, when Clint goes back for his arrows after fighting the Tracksuit Mafia?

Well, now YOU can play a game where YOU get to scour the wreckage for valuables left behind after a battle! WizKids is releasing Marvel: Damage Control this winter. Marvel: Damage Control is designed by Omari Akil (Rap Godz) and features art from Darren Calvert (Overboss: A Boss Monster Adventure). In this game, players are sorting through a pile of rubble cards hoping to reveal valuable items left behind, such as Thor's helmet, crystal fragments, or Ultron's drones. After collecting the items, players decide whether to keep them to help them search for more items, or stow them away for the end of the game scoring. 

Marvel: Damage Control plays 2-4 players, ages 12+, and is listed at 30 minutes. It will be released to retail in November 2022. 

Jordan is a contributor at the Dice Tower, and has provided segments for Board Game Breakfast for many years. In life, Jordan loves ice cream, all things Star Wars, and when his dog just leaves him alone (also board games).