WizKids announces Last-Second Quest and El Maestro coming in July

June 7, 2020 - 7:21pm

WizKids has announced 2 new games coming to North American retail this July 2020.

“You only have seconds to prepare for your next Adventure! Can you grab everything you need in time?”

Last-Second Quest by designer Christian Giove (Origami) is a social, real time polyomino game where 2-5 players frantically grab tetris-shaped equipment tiles from a central pool, in anticipation of a quest. All of the grabbed pieces must fit into the player’s board, and the Quest card dictates what type of equipment is needed, and what is forbidden. Once a player feels they are ready, they can grab the top “Ready to Go” card for points. Players then debate and vote on the merits of their collected items: Is that sacrificial dagger a ranged weapon? Is the chalice a decorative item? Items that are forbidden are discarded, items necessary for the quest earn points, and empty spaces on a players’ board lose points. Player characters gain restrictions and bonuses as they win rounds, and the first player to win 3 rounds, wins the game. Last-Second Quest comes with 28 Quest cards, 15 Adventurer cards, 4 Ready to Go cards, 10 varied player storage mats and 60 different items. For more information, check out WizKid’s information page here.

“If you love air guitar, you’ll love air drawing!”

El Maestro, released in Europe last year, is a family drawing game for 3-8 players from designer Valéry Fourcade. One lead player “air draws” a picture in space using their finger, while the other players mimic their motions, trying to reproduce the Oeuvre (fine work of art). El Maestro is fast, easy to learn, and like any good drawing game, guaranteed to bring hysterical laughter. Players earn points both for correct drawings and artistic merit. The game comes with 70 double sided Oeuvre cards, 1 lectern stand, 2 guides to maestro’s hand motions, 7 pencils and paper. For more information, go to WizKid’s website on El Maestro here.

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