WizKids announces English version of Seeders From Sereis: Exodus

May 21, 2020 - 2:47pm

“When an unknown force threatens to render their home uninhabitable, the Seeders must build arks — giant colony ships — to ensure their survival.”

WizKids has announced the English release of  Seeders from Sereis: Exodus (2017), a tableau building card game by designer Serge Macasdar and Sweet Games. Seeders from Sereis is “a trans-media science-fiction universe that's been created over five years by Serge Macasdar and Charbel Fourel and which contains post-humans, space opera, extensive journeys on space arks, lost empires, exo-biology, genetic evolution, android developments, and more.” Exodus, the first of a proposed 10 games, tells the story of the building of a planetary ark, capable of relocating an entire planet’s population. 2-4 players each propose plans for this ark, knowing only the best will be built.

Players begin by drafting a hand of 4 cards, before entering the Negotiation Phase to win more cards. The board is composed of 12 designated card spots, with round negotiation areas between every two cards. The players take turns placing a skilled negotiator from their player board onto these spaces, effectively laying claim to two cards. Each negotiator allows the placement of a certain number of cubes on the two contested cards. Negotiators gain bonus cubes for certain card factions, and over the course of the game negotiators can level up, allowing the placement of even more cubes. After all players have placed their negotiators, whoever has the most cubes on a card wins that card for their hand. Tied cards are discarded.

After players win their full hand through negotiation, they play out their cards. Players can discard a card to gain resources or spend resources to play out a card into their tableau. Cards earn points from holding a majority of a faction, or for other like-faction cards in the tableau. Interactions between cards abound, and special ability cards exists, such as Chest cards that protect resources from being stolen by the other players. After four rounds, the player with the most victory points is declared victorious.

WizKids is planning the release of Seeders from Sereis: Exodus for Fall 2020. For more information, check out the official webpage from WizKids here.

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