Wild World of Keyforge

December 18, 2019 - 9:29am

Since Keyforge's hit the gaming scene last year, it's notable hodge-podge of alien races and settings felt particularly distant among science-fiction IPs. The only way to discover how this diverse cast came together has been from little snippets of lore found in marketing materials and flavor text. In June 2020, Aconyte, a fiction-writing subsidiary of Asmodee Entertainment, plans to change that with their first published book of stories within the world of Keyforge, titled Tales From the Crucible: A KeyForge Anthology. As wild, diverse, and mashed together as this universe seems to be, the anthology will follow-suit being composed of 9 different short stories from 8 different authors detailing varying perspectives, characters, styles, and adventures. Edited together by Charlotte Lewelyn-Wells, this book will be the first and best way to truly explore this wild world built for the hit unique card game.

"Since the Crucible is so huge and complex, I’m looking for stories that focus on one little bit of the world – whether that’s an apprentice in Hub City, battling Archons searching for a vault, or Martians plotting from the depths of their territory, Nova Hellas. It’s such a weird and wonderful place that it’s impossible to explore it all, so I’m not looking for grand stories that cover the whole of the Crucible, but smaller slice-of-life stories that really give us a feel for what it’s like to live here."

Of any game that needed a book of short prose to flesh it out, Keyforge was it. Like the mechanisms within the game, the dressing for the cards required a lot of invention and putting stories to them is just as necessary as the art that's driven it thus far. The team behind this, from the preview given, feels passionate about telling stories in the kind of frenetic way that this project demands. If you're interested in learning more about Tales From the Crucible: A KeyForge Anthologycheck out Aconyte's website where they will be posting more excellent previews up to the release of the book and be sure to look out for it this upcomming June.

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