Wil Wheaton Returns

November 16, 2020 - 3:08pm

Wil Wheaton Bicycle

Actor Wil Wheaton, famously known in board gaming circles for his YouTube series “Tabletop,” is going to be live streaming a series of events in November and December for Games by Bicycle.  All of the events are on the Games by Bicycle YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch channels.

On Saturday, November 21, at 4pm ET/1pm PT,  the Dice Tower’s own Tom Vasel and Zee Garcia, along with Mik and Starla Fitch (also in the Dice Tower family) of Our Family Plays Games, Jon Purkis of Actualol, and Steph Hodge of Board Game Geek will be streaming a segment on Board Game Content Creators.

After that panel discussion at 6pm ET/3pm PT, Wil goes on to host the designer of The Alpha, Ralph Rosario, and the designer of Exchange, Eric Sillies, at 5pm ET/3pm ET, to talk about their games and demonstrate the game play.

Then on December 5, at 5pm ET/3pm PT, Wil meets with the designer of Fumbling Ferrets, Zachary Connelly, and the designer of The Sweet and Spicy Truth, David L. Hall, both to talk about their games and demonstrate how they work.

The Games by Bicycle YouTube channel can be found here.  Their Facebook page is here and their Twitch channel is here.