What Kind of Magic Is This? The Empyreal Kind!

April 9, 2021 - 7:45am

Level 99 Games has launched a Kickstarter with a reprint of its hit game, Empyreal Spells and Steam, as well as 2 mini-expansions, Far Corners and As Above, So Below, which introduces solo play to the game.  The game is designed by Trey Chambers with artwork supplied by Laura La Vito and Eunice Abigael Tiu. As Above, So Below adds Fábio Fontes  and Shaz Yong as artists.  The base game plays 2-6 players, but with the As Above, So Below expansion changes the player count to 1-8 players.  The play time is 30-75 minutes, depending on player count.

Far Corners is a mini-expansion that will be included with the base game in this new reprint.  It adds 4 Metro boards, 3 specialists and 4 postcards.  As Above, So Below adds the components for 2 additional players, more specialists, more captains, more advisors, more stuff!  It also introduces an Automa deck for solo play.

The Kickstarter campaign for the reprint of Empyreal Spells and Steam is not yet funded, but it still has about 3 weeks to go in the campaign.  The campaign page features the rulebook, game play and review videos, add-ons and more.  Be sure to check it out hereEmpyreal Spells and Steam is expected to deliver in March 2022.