Welcome Ashore - Again

June 22, 2022 - 12:11pm

Final Frontier Games has announced an expansion for its highly regarded game Merchants Cove entitled Merchants Cove: Master Craft.  The designers for the expansion are Carl Von Ostrand and Drake Villareal who, along with Johnny Pac, also designed the original game.  The artwork for the expansion is once again provided by Mihajlo Dimitrievski (The Mico).  Merchants Cove: Master Craft plays 1-5 players, ages 14 and up, and takes 60-90 minutes to play.  The base game is required to play this expansion.

Merchants Cove is a euro game known for its asymmetrical game play, including 8 playable characters with unique mechanisms.  The players each take on the role of fantasy merchants who have their own unique shop.  Merchants Cove: Master Craft introduces a new expansion (The Faction Festival), new modular content (new Rogues, Townsfolk), as well as four new expert Merchants to the game, including the Mushroom Farmer which uses programmed play, recently announced to social media.  In addition, The Faction Festival adds a whole new board which add brand new mechanisms to the game. 

No release date for Merchants Cove: Master Craft has been given, although the title is expected to go through crowdfunding.  For further information, be sure and check the Final Frontier website here.