Van Ryder Games announces shift in sales strategy and organizational changes

January 12, 2020 - 5:33pm

Van Ryder Games has just announced a restructuring of the company, most importantly involving their split with consolidator Impressions/Flat River Group. The company will now “directly own and maintain its relationships with distributors.” Reasons stated for this move are to ensure more control over sales activities, to drive business in more non-traditional channels, and to increase and improve client relationships. Additionally, Shaun Varsos has been promoted to Senior Mgr. of Sales and Operations, leading the charge on all sales activities. Byron Jorjorian has been hired to fill the position of Sales Representative.  

Van Ryder is best known for their line of 10 choose-your-own-adventure style graphic novel adventures, whose 2 seasons were both successfully funded on Kickstarter to critical acclaim. Last year's hybrid graphic novel Crusoe Crew, in which up to 4 players collaboratively experience the same story from different viewpoints, has also remained a popular favorite. Board games by Van Ryder include Detective: City of Angels, Hostage Negotiator, Saloon Tycoon, and many more.  

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