Uwe Rosenberg's next polyomino game is New York Zoo

March 10, 2020 - 11:34pm

Capstone Games and Feuerland Spiele are co-publishing the next polyomino game from Uwe Rosenberg. In New York Zoo, 1-5 players are attempting to fill their personal player board with enclosures and populate them with penguins, arctic foxes, meerkats, kangaroos, and flamingoes. The first player to completely fill their player board wins. 

On a player's turn, they move the active player marker (a wooden elephant) around a central ring comprised of stacks of polyominoes and animal spaces. If they stop on a polyomino stack, they take the top one and place it on their player board. These polyominoes make up the enclosures to hold animals. If they stop on an animal space, they will take the designated animals and either place them in an enclosure, or on the housing section of their player board. The central ring also contains breeding lines. When the active player marker passes a breeding line, animals on the player boards can produce offspring. The game also has attraction tiles the players can gain by completely filling a polyomino with a species. 

New York Zoo features art by Felix Wermke. The game will make its Capstone debut at Gen Con, with a retail release scheduled for August 5, 2020. The game is targeted to be a family-weight game with a bit of complexity. If you want to see what Uwe Rosenberg has designed previously in the polyomino genre, check out Patchwork, Cottage Garden, Indian Summer, Spring Meadow, or A Feast for Odin.