Uwe Rosenberg plays with fruit bats in Atiwa

June 11, 2022 - 10:00pm

When a new game from the master of "feed your people", Uwe Rosenberg, is announced, the board game world stops and listens. His past hits Hallertau, A Feast for Odin, Nusfjord, and Reykholt all were well received. And this week, everyone is listening to news about Atiwa from the Lookout Games Advanced Level line. 

Atiwa by Uwe Rosenberg is a new fruit bat-laden title about farming in Ghana. The Atiwa range in southeastern Ghana has been subject to deforestation, both to create land for livestock, and from bauxite and gold mining. However, the mayor of Kibi has recently come up with a unique solution, utilizing fruit bats! You see, fruit bats travel up to 60 kilometers in search of fruit, and then as they fly back home to roost, they tend to "drop" seeds and reseed the land they fly over. In fact, a single colony of fruit bats can reforest an area of 2000 acres a year.

In the board game Atiwa, keep fruit bats as pets in order to help reseed the forests and as a bonus, fertilize your land. Leave tall trees as homes for your new pets, manage your livestock, build the community, and spread knowledge about the dangers of mining and the benefits of our furry flighted friends. Atiwa will be available for purchase at Essen Spiel this October.


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