Upcoming Releases from Arcane Wonders

July 15, 2021 - 10:42am

Arcane Wonders has announced several new games and expansions coming out in the new several months:

  • In partnership with Hobby World, Arcane Wonders is publishing the well-regarded Furnace, designed by Ivan Lashin, at the end of August or early September.  Furnace is a card driven engine-building eurogame;

  • Onitama: Light and Shadow is an expansion for the two-player game Onitama, designed by Shimpei Sato.  Onitama: Light and Shadow introduces the Ninja, which moves secretly, to the game;

  • Viral: The Hive is an expansion for the game Viral, in which the players are the viruses attacking the body.  This expansion, designed by one of the original game’s designers, Antonio Sousa Lara, introduces 5 new asymmetric viral factions;

  • Since there was a demand for a rethemed Air, Land & Sea, a new game called Air, Land & Sea: Critters at War is in the works as is a new expansion for Air, Land & Sea entitled Air, Land & Sea: Spies, Lies & Supplies, about which little is currently known;

  • Releasing at Gen Con/Origins 2021, Picture Perfect, designed by Anthony Nouveau, is a game in which the players are trying to fulfill the wishes of the photographed - including everything they want in their pictures and none of the things they do not want.

For further information about these games, be sure and check the Arcane Wonders website here for these and other titles.