Upcoming Furnace expansion, Interbellum, adds and subtracts a player count

June 25, 2022 - 2:55pm

Arcane Wonders has announced Furnace: Interbellum, an upcoming expansion for 2020's Furnace. Interbellum will expand the player count on both ends, allowing the game to be played by one to five. 

Furnace is an auction, engine-building game where players take on the role of 19th Century industrialists. Furnace: Interbellum extends the timeline into the twenties and thirties, which is the inter-war period known as interbellum. Gameplay in Furnace revolves around two phases, an auction phase and a production phase. In the auction phase, players will bid for components to add to their industry. In the production phase, players will run their engine. A distinctive feature of auctions in Furnace is that players with a losing bid on a card will receive compensation specific to the card. The higher the losing bid, the greater the degree of compensation, such that in some cases players would prefer to lose the auction. Players can also have variable player powers by using the capitalist cards module.

Furnace: Interbellum adds new company cards to bid on, new capitalist cards, and university cards to add managers to your factory. The expansion also includes bots to use in a solo or two player game. 

Both Furnace and Furnace: Interbellum are designed by Ivan Lashin. The art in both games is by Sergey DulinMarta IvanovaIlya KonovalovOleg YurkovVadim Poluboyarov, and Egor Zharkov. Arcane Wonders is hoping to have the expansion ready for release at Essen 2022