Under Falling Skies, an award-winning solo game, is being published by CGE

May 29, 2020 - 11:28am

Remember that old arcade game, Space Invaders? That's kind of the setting for an upcoming solo release from Czech Games Edition (CGE). In Under Falling Skies, the alien mothership is descending on Earth and filling the skies with dropships. You are Earth's last hope, shooting down ships from your bunker while researching technology upgrades to help stave off the invasion. You will roll dice and assign them to action spaces. More powerful action spaces require higher numbered dice. Each action space is linked to enemy dropships, causing them to descend when you take each action. More powerful actions will make the dropships descend faster. You have to destroy the dropships before they complete their descent. 

Under Falling Skies began as an entry in BGG's 9 card design contest for 2019, by designer Tomáš Uhlíř. It dominated the contest awards, winning Best Overall Game, Best Solitaire Game, Most Thematic Game, Best Wargame, and Most Innovative Mechanic! For good measure, Under Falling Skies also finished second in Best Rulebook and Best Original Artwork (tie). For retail release, CGE has tweaked the gameplay, updated the rulebook, and added some eye-catching box art. Read more about the game's journey in this CGE blog.

Under Falling Skies has variable difficulty settings to increase replayability. While designed primarily for solo play, multiple people could work together to fend off the alien invasion by consulting with each other on every dice placement. Under Falling Skies is scheduled for a retail release in the third quarter of 2020.