Ultimate Werewolf...to the Extreme!

November 29, 2021 - 12:57pm

Activate movie trailer voice: You've seen the social deduction franchise go big with Ultimate Werewolf: Ultimate Edition in 2008. You've seen Bezier Games take the franchise to the small box with Ultimate Werewolf: Compact Edition in 2010. You've seen designer Ted Alspach bring you the gritty reboot of Ultimate Werewolf and the fancified Ultimate Werewolf: Deluxe Edition in 2014. You've seen Rob Daviau brought in as a co-designer for Ultimate Werewolf: Legacy in 2018. But now, Bezier Games is taking the Ultimate Werewolf franchise to the EXTREME!

Three new content releases have just hit shelves. Ultimate Werewolf Extreme is a revamping of the venerable social deduction game where players are divided into two teams, Villagers and Werewolves, and a neutral moderator runs the game through cycles of days and nights. Each day, all players discuss and vote out a player. Each night, the werewolf team determines a player to eliminate. The last team standing is the victor. The updates for this new entry in the franchise are a free moderator-assistant app, more information on each role card, an option to scale difficulty, a new role-balancing system, and enough components to conduct three games simultaneously. The app will help the moderate setup the game and make running the game smoother. It has a deck configuration tool to setup the roles based on player-selected variables. It also keeps track of who is assigned to each role by scanning player faces and QR codes on the role cards. 

But wait, there's more. Bezier Games has also released two expansions for Ultimate Werewolf Extreme. First, Ultimate Werewolf Pro contains over 50 new roles, the gavel which is a new player item, and new pro rules geared for experienced players and moderators. Second, Ultimate Werewolf Bonus Roles contains 44 new roles, and 2 new player items, the cross and the sandwich, to add variety to your games. 

Ultimate Werewolf Extreme is designed by Ted Alspach and Aaron Newman, with art by Simon Aan and Christine Mitzuk. Ultimate Werewolf Pro has the same two designers with Christine Mitzuk handling the art. Ultimate Werewolf Bonus Roles is designed by Ted Alspach, with Simon Aan handling the art.