Two new ships coming for X-Wing

January 31, 2020 - 2:06pm

Fantasy Flight Games continues to expand and support X-Wing with the release of new ships, this time it's a limited edition version of one already released, and a new fighter for the resistance.  The first new ship is a Adepticon and FFG web store exclusive, a limited edition version of the Naboo Royal N-1 Starfighter.  The first thing you would notice about this ship is that it is fully chrome from tip to tail, unlike the regular coloring of mostly yellow, which makes it stand out in your squadron.  It also includes an alternate art card for the pilot Padme Amidala to match the new coloring along with five other ship cards, seven upgrade cards, and two quick build cards that are identical to the non-limited edition ship.  To get the limited edition ship you will have to do one of two things, attend Adepticon at the end of March and buy it at the show, or be one of the lucky ones to purchase it on the FFG website when a limited stock goes on sale the same day as the convention.  You can check it out on FFG's website, but don't worry if you miss it, you can always buy the non-limited edition version.

The second ship comes straight from the Star Wars Resistance TV show, and that is the aptly named Fireball.  This is a racing ship built from scratch that has equal likelihood of winning the race, or bursting into a giant ball of flames, and the ship card reflects that.  When performing a SLAM action you would normally be disarmed in order to utilize the speed and maneuverability, but the Fireball can get around that with it's ability.  When you perform a SLAM action, you can reveal a face down damage card on the Fireball and remove the disarm token, allowing you to still have access to you weapon systems when you need them.  You can also have Kazuda Xiono piloting the ship, and his version of the Fireball puts a little bit of a spin in it's special ability, allowing you even more flexibility with it's special ability.  But either way, the Fireball is fast while still carrying enough firepower to be a threat on the table.  You can learn more on FFG's website and look for this ship in stores now.

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