Trick taking game Crash! by Carl Chudyk on KS

June 8, 2020 - 4:32pm

“Rid your hand of cards by adding to crazy car pileups! Don’t be left with the biggest wreck in the crash or you will be at fault!”

Czacha Games and Carl Chudyk, the mad genius of card games, have a new Kickstarter project, the car crashing, trick taking hot potato game Crash! Chudyk is known for bizarre, card driven masterpieces such as Red 7 (2014), Glory to Rome (2005) and Innovation (2010). In Crash!, 2-6 players instigate accidents by playing vehicle cards, and whomever plays the final card into an accident “crashes”, taking the trick for points, which are bad. Cards have each vehicles with 2 icons, and escalating amounts of points, from the 1-point motorcycles all the way to 200-point jets and 300-point UFOs.  The lead player must play a card from hand, then point out the next player, who must play a higher card with a matching icon. That player, if they are able to play a card, points out the next victim, and so on. When someone cannot play, they lay their cards face up, and the person who played the most recent card to the trick takes the whole pile, which scores the value of the highest card.

When a single player has taken 3 tricks, or only one person has cards left to play, the round is over. Remaining players can place “insurance” on their accidents/tricks by playing an equal or higher value card on top, nullifying its points. Additionally, the player with the most unplayed cards of value 10 or lower scores points for “holding up small traffic”. When one player reaches 1000 points, the agme ends, and the player with the lowest score wins.

The Kickstarter Campaign for Crash! continues through June 22, and the game is expected to ship to backers in December of 2020. Crash comes with 56 cards, score pad, custom pen, and manual. A print and play version of the game is available on the Kickstarter page.

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