The Transforming Token Holder for Board Games

August 20, 2020 - 11:40am

Cloud Puncher Games has launched a Kickstarter campaign for what it is billing as "The Transforming Token Holder for Board Games,"  called Token Sesame.  The company states that it is time to stop with all the chaos that is caused by board game components taking up too much space on the board, tokens falling off the board, or components being too far away from one or more of the players at the table.

Token Sesame can be arranged in a variety of ways, depending on the situation in which the players find themselves.  Not enough room on the table?  Token Sesame can be configured to fit.  Pieces too far away from you?  Token Sesame can help with that.  Token Sesame is modularly designed so that it can be taken apart and then put together in different ways.  The only limit is the players' imaginations.

If this product sounds like it might be of interest to you, be sure and check out the Kickstarter page for it here.  The campaign has already funded, but there are about 3 weeks left in the campaign if you want to get in on it.  Token Sesame is expected to deliver in March 2021.