Tiny Epic Pirates on KS from Gamelyn Games

May 21, 2020 - 1:49am

“You helm a notorious pirate ship in the swashbuckling days of yore. Guide your ship and crew through the unforgiving seas in search of fame and fortune. Plunder settlements, trade booty on the black market, hire scurvy crew members, and avoid the ever-vigilant Royal Navy. Be the first pirate to bury three treasures, and you can declare yourself the most nefarious Dread Pirate of the Seven Seas!”

Gamelyn Games, the undisputed masters of the very miniscule and the supremely earthshaking, have started a Kickstarter Campaign for the newest of their “tiny epic” games – Tiny Epic Pirates! In Pirates, by designer Scott Almes, 1-4 players sail their pirate ship from island to island with the goal of burying doubloons wherever they can. Game play centers around a rondel of 6 actions, and each player sets these in a different order on their mat. Players can always move their pirate captain to the next action on the rondel but can also skip spaces by placing deckhands. However, these deckhands may be more useful manning the riggings, aiming the cannons, or extorting booty. Possible actions include plundering settlements, trading with the black market for gold, adding crew, attacking Merchant Ships and other pirates, and searching the sea for treasure. Crew are especially useful, as they add bonus actions to specific rondel spaces, allowing the construction of powerful combos.

Tiny Epic Pirates comes with a ton of goodies - 4 plastic pirate ships, each capable of holding 3 goods cubes. Merchant ships can hold 1 cube each, and Navy ships just sail trying to cause trouble. The game also comes with 4 captain meeples, 16 deckhands, 4 legend tokens, 12 treasure tokens, 12 sure fire tokens, 40 tiny (and epic) cubes, 4 doubloons, 3 dice, a drawbag, 20 order tokens, 20 search tokens, 2 port tokens, as well as market, legend, and helm mats. Over 50 cards, representing the map, crew, captains and merchants, round out the box. The Crimson Silver mini expansion includes deluxe ships, floating fortresses, shiny cubes and more crew. In addition, the Curse of Amdiak is available as an add-on buy.

The Kickstarter Campaign for Tiny Epic Pirates continues through June 9, 2020, and the game is expected to ship to backers in March 2021.

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