Three New Titles Coming From Ares Games in the New Year

December 30, 2019 - 4:17pm

Ares Games is gearing up for the new years with some new titles dropping right at the beginning of the year.  First of those three titles is a second edition of the euro game Quartermaster General.  The first edition was released by Griggling Game back in 2014 and it has seen some success with a respectable score on BGG.  The game while based in the second world war, is not so much about the fighting, but about keeping the supply lines open to support the troops on the front line.  Play is easy to pick up and is quick playing using cards to try and score as many victory points as you can before the game ends.  The second edition of the game does the usual of tweaking the rules and various other elements to make the game play better, while not changing how the game plays.  See this on store shelves in January of 2020.

The next game on the list is an expansion to This War of Mine, a tough game in which you are playing as the civilians caught in a raging war.  In the game you will take turns making decisions about getting food, fortifying your home, helping those you find, and much more.  The choices are often difficult and choosing survival can sometimes mean the demise of those not in your care, making the choices morally difficult as well.  The new expansion is called Days of the Siege and includes additional content for the base game, a new three act war campaign, and an orphans module which allows you to foster children within the game.  Needless to say if you liked the base game, the expansion out to be highly interesting as well.  Look for it on store shelves in January of 2020.

And finally the smallest of the titles being released, and that is a new ship for the Battlestar Galactica miniatures game, the Viper Mk.VII.  This new ship is a more modern Viper and is overall superior to the Mk.II Viper.  The ship pack will include the miniature everything you need to play it as a Pegasus pilot, Pegasus pilot Veteran, or as the character Apollo.  Look for this along with the other two releases on store shelves in January of 2020.

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