TheOp releases frantic rochambeau game Super Cats

June 7, 2020 - 8:09pm

“Our pets’ daily routines are becoming more familiar to us as we spend each day staying in, napping, and playing with toys to pass the time, but a quick and easy way to supercharge domestic life is here thanks to our work with GRRRE Games to bring fans this brand new release! Battle the inevitable dog days of summer with a rock-paper-scissors style card game for the whole family. Super Cats is available now, and ‘rochambo’ has never been more ferocious!”

TheOp has released Super Cats, an interesting real time rock-paper-scissors type game from GRRRE Games and the designer dream team of Antoine Bauza (7 Wonders), Corentin Lebrat (Once Upon a Castle), Ludovic Maublanc (Cyclades), Nicolas Oury (Mykerinos) and Théo Rivière (Nagaraja). Most of this dream team had worked together previously on the acclaimed Draftosaurus. In Super Cats, 3-6 players first work to turn their 5 normal cats into a Voltron like team of 5 Super Cats. The first player to transform then battles all the other players, who take on the role of Robo Dog. To battle, all players count down by saying “Sup… Er… Cat!” They then show 0-5 fingers on one hand. The player with the highest, unrepeated number showing wins the battle. During phase 1, winning a battle allows the player to upgrade one of their cats. During phase 2, Super Cat destroys pieces of RoboDog with wins, while RoboDog turns cats back to normal kitties. The game ends when either the RoboDog is destroyed or the Hero no longer has Super Cats to fight. Super Cat comes with 30 cat cards, 6 activation cards, 12 RoboDog cards, 1 SilverCat and 1 GoldenCat card. For more information, check out the Super Cats web page at theOP.

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