Test your Game of Thrones Knowledge with the Seasons 5-8 Expansion for Game of Thrones Trivia

December 27, 2019 - 3:06pm

Game of Thrones the Trivia Game was released in 2016, around when the 6th season was or was about to air, so they could only include so much in the game.  Now, however, with the epic saga concluded, Fantasy Flight Games is set to release Game of Throne: The Trivia Game Seasons 5-8 Expansion to bring the second half of the series to the trivia game.

Games of Thrones the Trivia Game is not quite like other trivia games where knowing the answer wins the day, in this one you are vying for control of different areas on the map in order to have majority control of each region.  Once all the areas of the map are full, whoever controls the most areas will be the winner.  How you get those areas is where the trivia comes in, depending on how many questions you think you can get right in a row from 1 to 3 determines how much influence you gain in a particular region.  In the base game the questions all revolved around events in the first four seasons, with the expansion it would encompass the entire televised series.  Another thing you get for answering questions is that you gain resource tokens which are used to gain favor with characters on the board, using their special powers to get a leg up on your competition.  There is also the ability to make alliances and asking others for help by sharing some of the rewards.  In the end whoever has the best knowledge or the series AND is able to play everyone else at the table will be the winner.

You can look for the Game of Throne: The Trivia Game Seasons 5-8 Expansion on store shelves in the first quarter of 2020.  You can find out more by checking out the preview on FFG's website, and you can even pre-order there as well.

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