Terraforming Mars optioned for film and television

January 12, 2023 - 4:11pm

The Martian, Total Recall, John Carter…we might soon have one more film set on the Red Planet to add to our collection. Production company Cobalt Knight, founded by former video game executives Christopher Kaminski and Chris Knox, has optioned the screen rights to Terraforming Mars. Terraforming Mars is of course the 2016 award winning engine-building title from designer Jacob Fryxelius and FryxGames. Cobalt Knight has suggested that they hope to do a TV series but would also consider making a feature-film treatment of the game. Of course, optioning the rights is just the first step in a long, long path to actually getting something on-screen, but at least Cobalt Knight seems to be enthusiastic about making it happen. This also isn’t the first bit of cross-media for the title, as Terraforming Mars has also had two novels published by Asmodee owned Aconyte Books: In the Shadow of Deimos, and Edge of Catastrophe. No dates or details on the film production are available.

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