Temple Gates offers beta access to Roll for the Galaxy digital app

December 12, 2019 - 12:38pm

The wonderful folks at Temple Gates are absolute masters of board game apps, having already created exceptional digital versions of Shards of Infinity, Race for the Galaxy and Ascension for Virtual Reality. And now in association with Rio Grande Games, the company is completing work on a digital version of the award winning Roll for the Galaxy by designers Tom Lehmann and Wei-Hwa Huang. In anticipation of its coming release, Temple Gates is now beta testing this highly anticipated game. Interested parties can sign up here for iOS, Andriod or Steam versions of the app. The app supports 2-5 players with network multiplayer, as well as asynchronous and real time multiplayer modes. The game contains 9 starting factions with starting worlds, and 55 development / settler tiles. For more information about this digital version of Roll for the Galaxy, check out the Temple Gates website here.

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