Tales from the Loop: The Boardgame now on KS

April 21, 2020 - 5:48pm

“The facility was completed in 1969, located deep below the pastoral suburban countryside, outside of the big city. The local population called this marvel of technology the Loop.”

Tales from the Loop started as a narrative art book from author Simon Stålenhag, and was later turned into the award winning role playing game in 2017. In Tales from the Loop, a giant particle accelerator was built under Sweden from 1954-1969. When the “Loop” came online, strange things began to happen – mysterious creatures began to show up, and machines began to malfunction. It is now the 1980’s, but not the one we know and love. Some technology is new, such as advanced AI, robotics and magnetrine development. The story has become so popular that Amazon Prime has just launched a television series based on this IP.

And now Free League Publishing has started a Kickstarter Campaign for Tales from the Loop the Boardgame, designed by Martin Takaichi (Crusader Kings). Take on the role of teenagers in this 1980’s alternate history, running through cooperative scenario adventures in and around the Loop. Players have the time between school and bedtime to explore the mysteries that abound. Player actions are “integrated, meaning there’s no downtime as you wait for others taking their turn.” The game comes with 4 scenarios, hundreds of cards, tokens, dice, and boards. Miniatures are from artist Yannick Hennebo and Dust Studios, and backers can receive them either pre-painted or unpainted. An expansion for Gorgosaurus dinosaurs is available as an add-on. The Kickstarter Campaign for Tales from the Loop continues through May 7, and the game is expected to ship in May 2021.


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