Stringamajig Announced by Fireside Games

January 16, 2020 - 2:32pm

Fireside Games, publisher of popular family-weight games such as Castle Panic, has announced Stringamajig, a new family-friendly party game that combines elements of charades and PictionaryStringamajig is for 4-10 players, age 13 and up, and lasts for about 20 minutes.

In Stringamajig, a player is given 60 seconds to use a string to draw a shape, move it around, and silently interact with it to try to help other players guess a chosen word and as many other words in that time.  The player chooses a word by looking at the top card of the included deck, which will have 4 numbered words.  The player can choose from the words whose number match those indicated on the back of now current card on top of the deck.  The player than makes a shape with the string loop and then plays with it to get the other players to try to guess the word - such as by pretending to strumming a guitar, moving the tentacles of an octopus, etc.  

The player scores 1 point for each word that was guessed correctly, and each other player scores 1 point for each word they correctly guess.  Challenge words will score 2 points, but are harder to do by introducing fun limitations, such as the player having to draw with his eyes closed or needing to draw in the air with another player. The game ends once all players have had 2 turns (or 1 turn in a 7+ player game) and the palyer with the most points wins.

Stringamajig is a very accessible game that really shines with the creativity of the players with the string and their interactions with it.  More information can be found here.

I can only imagine what the stretch goals for this game would have been if it came to Kickstarter. Multiple colors of string? Different string types? Shoelaces? Cord? Nylon?

I like to make everyone's life more surreal. . .