Strategy game titan Kemet is getting a new edition in Blood and Sand

June 3, 2020 - 1:58am

Still arguably the most popular of the Matagot's mythology series, Kemet has been a strategy game staple for years now due to it's compelling asymetrical gameplay and card-based combat. While it received a version 1.5 rules update mere months ago, the love and support behind the game has motivated Matagot to really push this game to a second edition. Kemet: Blood and Sand, now on Kickstarter, is a total upgrade of the game unhindered by older components. An updated board, cards, art, miniatures, iconography,  and some strategically vital features from the Ta-Seti expansion thrown in allow this behemoth to be more streamlined, challenging, and intuitive than ever before.

"Kemet is back with streamlined and upgraded gameplay based on hundreds of hours of testing, solid development from our expert team and your valuable feedback. [...] The general idea is to keep what has always been Kemet's strength by improving what can be improved and by modernizing the game that has given us so much."

 This is the kind of upgrade to look for - not just a new facelift, but it inters all the best ideas from the community and expansions and bakes them into a sleeker package. In addition to making everthing easier to understand from a glance, the rules reinforce the creative resolve behind the design by removing particular pain points in the timing of divine intervention cards. It looks better, it plays better, and it's bursting with adoration from it's player community and it's designers Jacques Bariot and Guillaume Montiage. You don't have to take my word for it, though - you can check out Kemet: Blood and Sand on Kickstarter now where there's videos, full rules, a comprehensive improvements breakdown, FAQs and more.

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