Still Not Alone!

July 15, 2020 - 10:04am

Not Alone Sanctuary

Indie Game Studios is Kickstarting the second expansion to its popular 1 vs many game, Not Alone. This expansion entitled Not Alone: Sanctuary retains the original game's designer, Ghislain Masson, and artist, Sebastien Caiveau.  The expansion is intended for 2-7 players, ages 10 and up, and the play time runs between 45-60 minutes.

In Not Alone: Sanctuary, a flying fortress called Sanctuary is introduced into the game. Sanctuary gives players a new direction in which to follow, different from the base game.  There are player boards for the Sanctuary included in this expansion as well as a ton of new cards - new survivor cards, avatar cards, evolution cards, hunt cards, place cards, and others.  

You can pledge not only to get the base game, but both expansions as well, if this sounds like a game of interest to you and your group.  New milestones are being unlocked every day and there are promo cards available.  Be sure and check out this campaign quickly - there are only 2 days to go!  All of the information on the expansion including the rule book is here.