Stefan Feld's Bonfire ignites in Q4 2020

September 10, 2020 - 8:33pm

The next game from renowned designer Stefan Feld is Bonfire, published by Pegasus Spiele. In Bonfire, 1-4 players each take on the role of a group of gnomes from the forest trying to relight the great bonfires of the city by completing tasks for the guardians of the light. 

The game board consists of the large city and a series of islands to the side. Islands either contain a number of randomized tasks to complete for the guardians, or the guardians themselves. Each player has a boat they can move from the city to the various islands to acquire tasks. Players also can acquire gnome specialists that will give them a variable ability or bonus scoring. Each player has a half-circle player board with three sections: (1) a grid of city squares, (2) a half-ring of bonfires to light, and (3) a half-ring that players will build out to serve as the path for guardians to traverse. Player turns are based on the use of action tiles and resources. Players have fate tiles, each one consisting of three squares representing action tiles, that they will place in the city section of their player board. Players will then gain action tiles corresponding to the placed fate tile. If your fate tile placement creates adjacency with same-colored squares, you will get bonus action tiles. Players also can gain action tiles, resources, and more from the last bonfire left in the city. The city section contains a circle around the bonfire sliced into sections with unique benefits. Suffice to say, there is a lot going on in this game! Each action tile corresponds to one of the different actions you can take on your turn, or is a wild you can use for any action.

Bonfire is scheduled to release in Q4 2020.