Standalone expansion for Nemesis set on Mars lab bursts onto Kickstarter

June 5, 2020 - 9:21pm

Awaken Realms has launched a Kickstarter campaign for a standalone expansion to their Alien-themed semi-cooperative narrative hit Nemesis. In Nemesis: Lockdown, 1-5 players are thrust into a multi-level Martian lab infested with alien monsters. To make matters worse, the power is out and must be restored to make rooms and elevators operational. The gameplay is very similar to the original game. Players explore the lab, revealing room tiles and generating noise that can attract alien attack. Players are given two objective possibilities and during the game will select which one they wish to pursue. These could be of a friendly or hostile nature to other players. The emphasis of the design is in providing a cinematic, narrative experience. Players also will accumulate contamination that could lead to them being infected by the aliens. Each character is unique with asymmetric abilities. Nemesis: Lockdown will include a non-essential companion app that will provide a soundtrack and enable an advanced solo mode of the game. 

You can watch the Tom, Zee, and Mike playthrough Nemesis: Lockdown on Tabletop Simulator with the assistance of Marcin Swierkot, owner of Awaken Realms and developer on the Nemesis series. Like the original game, Nemesis: Lockdown is designed by Adam Kwapiński.

Rather than doing monetary stretch goals, Awaken Realms is revealing new content for the game every other day. The Kickstarter campaign includes add-on options for all previously released Nemesis content. The projected delivery date for Nemesis: Lockdown is September 2021. The projected delivery date for the previously released Nemesis content is February 2021. The Kickstarter concludes on June 18th at 11:59 am EDT.