Spycon is dead. Long live Spyfest!

May 23, 2020 - 2:51pm

Back in December 2019, before the dark times, Dice Tower News reported on the new team based sequel to Hobby World’s popular party game SpyFall. Much like it’s ancestor, SpyCon by designer Alexandr Ushan had players in a strange situation, pretending they know exactly what is going on, but asking questions to gain more knowledge. If the questions are too specific, it is obvious who is the spy. If they are too general, no information is gained. However, this time each team has a secret list of keywords, adding a secret code element to the question and answer game.

Hobby World has just announced that SpyCon must change its name due to conflict with another game in development. In cooperation with Cryptozoic Games, the US and European release will hitherto be known as… SpyFest. For more information on SpyFest, check out the official webpage here. Originally slated for a GenCon 2020 release, and owing to the recent cancellation of that convention, the best we can say is that the game will release “soon”

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