Sonora from Pandasaurus to bring flicking to the "...and write" genre

January 21, 2020 - 8:59pm

In a new iteration of the roll-and-write or flip-and-write genre, Pandasaurus is going to add a dexterity element. Sonora is a 1-4 player game billed as Crokinole + roll and write. It is named for the desert region encompassing southern California, southern Arizona, and northern Mexico. Players will flick wooden discs on a game board divided into four quadrants. Each quadrant is associated with a different animal of the Sonoran Desert: fox, lizard, owl, and rabbit. Each quadrant is associated with a unique scoring mini-game on the scoresheet. The game features player interaction through bumping the discs of other players. 

Sonora is scheduled to release in spring 2020. The game is designed by Rob Newton, who also designed Shuffle Grand Prix