Solo bag builder Warp's Edge on KS - Late Pledge Available

January 19, 2020 - 1:21pm

“You are Taylor Minde, rookie pilot in the Force’s Outer Rim division. In the wake of a crucial battle, you have been stranded far from your fleet, lost and alone. With resources running low, you jump through warp gate after warp gate, hoping to find the right combination home.”

Scott Almes (Tiny Epic Galaxies) and Renegade Game Studios have a Kickstarter Campaign ongoing for Warp’s Edge, a solo bag-building sci-fi game. In Warp’s Edge, the player is an isolated fighter pilot in space, desperately trying to fight off swarms of enemies, defeat their mother ship, and make it home. A scenario is first selected from the storybook, setting up the character and ship, the enemies, and their mother ship. The player then pulls tokens from a bag to execute actions, including combat with enemy fighters, purchase of new tokens, recharging the shields, or activating special skills. If the bag runs out of tokens, the player uses up one of their limited warps, gaining a skill but resetting the enemies. If the enemies and mother ship are all defeated, you win, otherwise if you run out of warp chances, defeat is imminent.

Warp’s Edge comes with 2 double sided starfighter boards, 3 double sided motherships, 27 enemy cards, 18 skills, and over 100 tokens in 2 custom trays for easy access. The Viren Expansion is also available for pledge, adding even more to this huge game. A special All-In Pledge includes the core game, the expansion, upgraded tokens and a neoprene mat. The Kickstarter Campaign for Warp’s Edge ended January 24 however the game has a posted late pledge and is expected to deliver in June 2020.

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